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Fennel and caraway seeds

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limitedperiodonly Sat 20-Feb-16 15:07:55

Can I use fennel seeds instead of caraway? It's to go in a goulash. They're both aniseedy, aren't they?

magimedi Sat 20-Feb-16 16:12:58

I think you'd be fine - I would probably use slightly less of the fennel as I think they are a bit stronger.

limitedperiodonly Sat 20-Feb-16 16:51:26

Thanks. I've used nearly all my caraway seeds and I can't find any more.

I also found a simple recipe for pork chops that uses fennel seeds so I'll try that too. I have a lot of pork chops in the freezer to eat.

You score them and rub them with garlic. Salt, pepper and brush with oil - both sides. Then you mix dried or fresh thyme, dried or fresh rosemary, bay leaves and fennel seeds, put them in a heat-proof dish and put the chops on top for a few hours to absorb the flavours.

Brown under the grill on both sides on the herbs then cover with foil and bake in an oven 170 degrees or Gas 3 for about 40 mins. I'll pour off the fat and make a thin gravy because I have to have gravy.

I thought I'd have them with sauteed potatoes and spinach with butter and nutmeg. I'm going to go easy on the rosemary because I find it a bit soapy.

magimedi Sat 20-Feb-16 17:02:01

Sounds lovely - agree with you re rosemary. I'd be tempted to bash the fennel seeds a little to release more flavour.

Here's another lovely pork chop recipe: (I've copied my post from another thread)

This Elizabeth David recipe is amazing - but takes at least 3 hours.

I've been doing it for years & would just say that I cut the spuds to the thickness of a pound coin, use streaky bacon & have often used apple juice instead of cider or wine.

When it says cover with kitchen paper - it means greaseproof paper.

I promise you that the chops fall off the bone & it can be eaten with a fork.

limitedperiodonly Sat 20-Feb-16 17:26:31

I'll try that. I also think the recipe I have will be a bit dry so I'll experiment. Onions release liquid so I'll maybe put a bed of those down.

I really like pork though some people don't. I leave fillet slightly pink. It hasn't killed me yet grin

magimedi Sat 20-Feb-16 17:33:49

Another huge pork fan here. Also leave it pink & am fine.

I think the cooking it till it is overdone stems from childhood - my mother always reckoned you could get tapeworms from undercooked pork.

I often split a fillet (not quite all the way through) & flatten it out a bit & stuff it with mushrooms, onions (sweated) lemon, breadcrumbs & thyme & re roll it, tie it, cover with bacon & roast. Makes a lovely small roast & is even nicer cold.

mercifulTehlu Sat 20-Feb-16 17:39:40

I don't think fennel and caraway seeds taste at all similar, but that doesn't mean they won't both taste nice in goulash!

limitedperiodonly Sat 20-Feb-16 17:45:58

I saw the first bit merciful and thought 'oh no' but the rest of it has reassured me.

Magimedi my mum would buy the choicest steaks and then fry them slowly into shoe leather. When I was a teenager I took charge of my own pan and my own steak and told her to leave it. I came back into the kitchen to find her frantically pressing it down with a fish slice so all the blood ran out. After that I never left my steak's side.

limitedperiodonly Sat 20-Feb-16 17:54:23

magimedi My mum was tempted by fresh turkey legs which are really cheap but she never knew what to do with them. I found a Sophie Grigson recipe where she takes the bone out and stuffs it with your mixture and ties it up for roasting with bacon on.

My mum ignored the lemon (forrin) and added sausagemeat. It slices well and you can share it with the cat, hot or cold, for a couple of days.

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