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Porridge exploding in the microwave

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hollyisalovelyname Tue 16-Feb-16 12:41:45

What am I doing wrong?
The porridge explodes out of the cereal dish onto the microwave plate.
Is it too much water?
Should te bowl be covered?

megletthesecond Tue 16-Feb-16 12:47:31

The only way I've stopped it is by getting a sistema vented soup pot and using the individual sachets of porridge. Even then it exploded in my mum's microwave when we stayed there. Porridge is meant to be easy but it's the biggest faff ever imo.

Tbh I've pretty much moved over to overnight oats now.

Seeline Tue 16-Feb-16 12:54:47

You need a bowl about 3 times the size of a normal cereal bowl. It works brilliantly then as long as you remember to keep the amount of oats the same smile

dementedpixie Tue 16-Feb-16 12:55:17

Are you cooking it too long in a bowl that is too small? Stop and stir part way through maybe

rumbelina Tue 16-Feb-16 12:59:52

I do 40g of oats with 300ml of milk in a wide bowl.

3 minutes, stir, 1 more minute and MOSTLY it doesn't spill out.

Piratespoo Tue 16-Feb-16 13:09:11

Do it in 30 second bursts, stirring in between. Cover too with those microwave covers

hollyisalovelyname Tue 16-Feb-16 14:28:22

Thank you

whatevva Tue 16-Feb-16 14:29:45

I used to use a pyrex jug.

Now I just make it in the pan - tastes nicer smile

hugoagogo Tue 16-Feb-16 14:30:52

I do mine in a Pyrex pudding bowl for plenty of room and do it on halfpower for twice as long.

I still put a plate underneath just in case.

RaisingSteam Tue 16-Feb-16 14:33:13

I use a pyrex pudding basin which is quite a lot bigger than the cereal bowl, it needs room to bubble up and cook properly. 40-50g oats (not ready brek) gets 2mins, stir, 40 secs, serve.
If you make porridge in a saucepan it bubbles up the same.

ouryve Tue 16-Feb-16 14:36:44

You need to use a nice big bowl and not make it too thick. I also turn the power right down, once it nears boiling point. I use 1 part oats to 3 parts liquid (light soya milk, in my case) measured in a not too big mug, so probably about 200ml of liquid. high for 2min30, give or take, depending on how carefully I poured etc. Then I stir it and do it for 5 minutes on simmer. A defrost setting might work, if your oven doesn't have a simmer setting.

The oats soften without the whole thing exploding and it all thickens up quite nicely, after a few more minutes standing.

4merlyknownasSHD Tue 16-Feb-16 14:44:48

With all the pfaff that has gone on with microwaves, I'm with whatevva, just do it in a pan. Takes no more than 5 minutes (3 minutes to come to the boil, then two minutes to simmer....done)!

whatevva Tue 16-Feb-16 14:56:05

It is definitely the gentle simmering part that makes it taste better. I used to stick it in the microwave, nuke it, then stir it fast. Once I realised it needed simmering and stirring, it was easier and just as fast in a pan, and the washing up no different.

4merlyknownasSHD Wed 17-Feb-16 09:27:01

Going off on a slight tangent, I had grated ginger in my porridge this morning, in the milk and water mix from cold. It was fantastic with a dollop of stewed apple on top!

hollyisalovelyname Wed 17-Feb-16 09:53:32

Many thanks

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