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Vegan families

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Linda0080 Mon 08-Feb-16 20:23:27

Hey all!!! I'm just wondering if any of you are a vegan ( or even veggie ) family and if you could possible send some recipes my way??? I've been veggie for 2 years now but cutting animal by products has knocked me. You see, I'm over animal products and all the nasties that are included in them, but I really don't like chickpeas or meat replacements or tofu, so I'm at a loss. Bread recipes would be great too!
Thanks all!
Linda x

Onykahonie Tue 09-Feb-16 21:34:10

My kids and I are veggie (not vegan)...have you seen all the recent veggie/vegan posts on here?

I would try experimenting with different pulses for protein. What don't you like about chickpeas? You might prefer lentils or other beans. Mushrooms are also a good meat-sub.
Lentils are great in a spag bol or chilli instead of mince.

Home made bread is generally vegan anyway. Just make a basic dough and then add different flavouring such as sun dried tomatoes, olives, pine nuts etc. A basic bread dough is great for pizzas too. You can leave the cheese off or try a dairy free cheese.

You can also find lots of recipes on these veggie/vegan blogs

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