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Home made chicken nuggets?!

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Twixthecat Sat 06-Feb-16 10:45:24

My little darling is a bit fussy and only seems to eat meat if it's covered in breadcrumbs or a sausage. So he lives vegetarian / chicken nugget/ fishfinger/ sausage diet. Not ideal.

I tend to have 'proper' chicken a lot but he won't try it. I want to give home made chicken nuggets/ goujons a go. Is it really just as simple as roll the chicken in breadcrumbs? I'd prefer not to use egg to coat the chicken to make breadcrumbs stick - any ideas on that?

Thank you!

ooerrmissus Sat 06-Feb-16 10:53:45

Yes it really is that simple. I also use ground almonds instead of breadcrumbs but that's because DS1 is gluten free.

Bung some spices in if you can, garlic powder, but if cayenne and some paprika are my favourites.

Instead of egg I suppose you could use milk?

ooerrmissus Sat 06-Feb-16 10:54:11

Bit of. Flipping phone

icklekid Sat 06-Feb-16 10:55:00

My parents used to have to do this for me to get me to eat chicken, fish etc. Why don't you want to use egg out of interest?

Penfold007 Sat 06-Feb-16 11:03:07

I use chicken breast fillets as they can be cheaper. If I want to avoid egg I put them into some buttermilk (or milk with a squeeze of lemon) for an hour or so. Dip in breadcrumbs and then shallow fry or oven bake. Any leftovers are good cold.

PurpleThermalsNowItsWinter Sat 06-Feb-16 11:07:51

It can be that simple.
If you have more time, we make popcorn chicken by blending chicken with a splash of milk in a blender with the teensiest hint of fresh herbs and a little lemon juice, roll into balls, cover in flour or breadcrumbs and shallow fry.

We made our own fish cakes too with mashed potato and fish, cover in breadcrumbs if you want something different. You can add different herbs for different fish.

LastOneDancing Sat 06-Feb-16 11:08:39

You can also use crushed corn flakes if you don't have breadcrumbs.

I know there's some sugar in them but you don't use much and they taste good.

CointreauVersial Sat 06-Feb-16 11:10:37

We do a lovely version with cornflakes.

Dip chicken strips into flour, then egg, then into crushed cornflakes (put into a bag and bash with a rolling pin). Pan fry or grill.

You could probably use milk instead of egg, but not sure the cornflakes would bond as well.

CointreauVersial Sat 06-Feb-16 11:11:00

Great minds think alike!

NerrSnerr Sat 06-Feb-16 11:26:54

I think you could use milk instead of egg but I'm not sure if the breadcrumb would stick as well.

Maroonie Sat 06-Feb-16 11:35:03

You can use mayonnaise instead of egg to stick the breadcrumbs on
(I also learned how to make these thanks to mn!)

EnidB Sat 06-Feb-16 11:37:43

We roll chicken strips in mayonnaise then Rice Krispies. Then oven bake for 20 minutes - very tasty! You can google it, we found it online

WanttoFindWorkLifeBalance Sat 06-Feb-16 14:32:08

These work v well with my kids and lots of others we've had over -

Katymac Sat 06-Feb-16 14:38:16

I use boneless skinless chicken thighs - cut them into 3 then dip in olive oil with a bit of soy sauce in then breadcrumbs

The need turning and take a bit longer than chicken breast to cook but the taste is amazing

1frenchfoodie Sat 06-Feb-16 14:55:26

I marinade chicken breast strips in buttermilk (and garliv but could skip that) then roll in a mix of seasoned flour and breadcrumbs. Oven bake or psn fry. The buttermilk keeps them really moust.

Coletterbox Sat 06-Feb-16 19:21:07

Here are a couple of recipes - mayo can be used instead of egg in the first one smile

Sammysquiz Sat 06-Feb-16 19:24:41

Mayo has egg in it, so not a suitable replacement if you need to avoid it

Twixthecat Sun 07-Feb-16 19:53:00

WOW thank you! There's no specific reason to avoid egg (we just don't eat many eggs so don't tend have them in all the time!) Mayo sounds a great alternative. I'll these a go doing the week! Yum yum :-)

missmoffatt2705 Mon 08-Feb-16 17:08:58

Dip chicken strips in mayo then in Rice Krispies and back at 200 for around 20mins.

MEgirl Mon 08-Feb-16 21:16:37

Panko works very well as well though maybe cost a little more than breadcrumbs.

Jbck Mon 08-Feb-16 21:28:21

I use polenta on its own quicker, less messy and kids are just as happy with them. Brush tray with a little oil and turn once or fry with a wipe of oil on pan so pretty healthy.
I buy sweet potato fries as never had much luck with homemade but always willing to try a new recipe so will give the option ones above a go, bit of corn or peas and some bbq dipping sauce. Yummy.

EmGee Tue 09-Feb-16 15:13:03

Even easier (and tastes just like nuggets) is to cut the chicken into strips, roll in flour then fry in butter. Simple and delicicous! DH loves them too although I sometimes add paprika, salt and pepper, herbs etc to the flour for us.

DillieDoily Thu 11-Feb-16 14:25:06

I sometimes use this recipe to sneak some veg in

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