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thecherryontop Sat 30-Jan-16 20:55:32

I'm intending on starting to order from Ocado rather than Tesco/Asda. I've read lots of recommendations for Ocado on here in the past but never made note... Does anyone have any favourites that should be tried?

Bails2014 Sat 30-Jan-16 22:28:13

I do all my shopping via Ocado!

My top tip?
Choose you recipes from BBC Good Food or Jamie Oliver's website and click 'add to basket', add the ingredients you don't have in the cupboard and wonderful meals and superfast shopping are yours for the taking.

I cannot recommend Ocado enough. Our first ever delivery, seven weeks before our son was due, well I had some stomach pains, left a note on the door and went to hospital for a check up... gave birth to him that evening and MiL came over to our shopping carefully put in the garden, OH was grateful as he had food! I emailed Ocado to say 'thank you' and they sent me a bottle of wine. All the drivers are polite and well mannered. I've had two substitutions in 16 months and even better I can give my shopping backs back to the driver for a 5p refund off my shopping, they accept bags from other shops too.

Plus the APP, it was a LIFESAVER when we had a tiny newborn, I could finish the shop off whist feeding at 2am and you can scan barcodes of things you run out of to add them to your basket. Fruit and veg has always been of a very high quality too.

As for other supermarkets, we used to use Tesco and they were forever substituting things, poor quality vegetables or weird glitches in the system (did I really order 11 pots of sour cream by accident) not to mention the slightly surly drivers...

I just can't recommend Ocado enough!

SanityClause Sat 30-Jan-16 22:37:18

I have used Ocado for years. I have the smart pass, which costs £110 pa, but means you can have a free delivery every day, if you want (subject to a minimum order of £40). I have two deliveries a week, which means that if you run out of something, you only have a few days to wait until the next delivery. It also gives you first dibs on Christmas slots, and they send a voucher for a free bottle of wine on our "anniversary".

The drivers are unfailingly polite, and substitutions are rare. If you order something on a deal, and part of it is unavailable, you still get the discount on the rest.

They do a price match thing with tesco, where you get a voucher if your shopping would have been cheaper, there. This happens very rarely - more often than not, I get a message that my shopping would have been quite a few pounds more, at tesco.

ceeveebee Sat 30-Jan-16 22:46:19

Chicken breasts on the bone (in the £10 for 3 offer
Frozen chopped garlic, shallots, chilli
Frozen chopped spinach - I put it in everything and DC hardly notice
Frozen chargrilled veg
Frozen smoothie mixes
(I do buy a lot of Frozen stuff don't I!)
Lyons coffee bags - real ground coffee but in a bag for one person

They often have flash sales just before you checkout but only really get good offers if you go in and edit your order the day before it's due to be delivered - I get meat,fish etc at 40-50% off

Also download the app if you have a smartphone, you can add to your order with one click

thecherryontop Sun 31-Jan-16 12:38:40

I've now downloaded the app, good idea about the BBC good food website! Thank you

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