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Reading calories right?

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UrMyAngelEyes Fri 29-Jan-16 11:09:22

Im trying to lose weight. And for a change I thought I would try having a mug shot for my lunch. But im not sure if counting calories right. It says per 100g (as consumed) 66kcals. But the packet is only 45g. Does that make it around 33cals a packet?? confused


KP86 Fri 29-Jan-16 11:12:04

Jump on Calorie King or My Fitness Pal and see what they say.

I doubt that it would only be 33cal for the whole cup.

Monkeyinshoes Fri 29-Jan-16 11:26:38

The "as consumed" bit would mean 100g of the made up soup is 66kcal.

How much water do you need to add?

Monkeyinshoes Fri 29-Jan-16 11:31:16

Ah is it this Chinese noodle one?

If so the "per serving" list on the right side of nutritional info in the link shows you how much in total...155kcal per serving.

UrMyAngelEyes Fri 29-Jan-16 11:52:08

Cant see why they cant make it simple lol
I will do KP86

Just says fill stanard size mug to 15mm from top with water.

Its this one Monkeyinshoes.
Thought it would be to god to be true.

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