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Slow cooker sausage recipe

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Madblondedog Mon 25-Jan-16 21:33:12

Has anyone got a good slow cooker sausage casserole recipe?

dreamingofsun Tue 26-Jan-16 14:22:15

not exactly a recipe - but i put tin of baked beans, couple teaspoons dijon mustard, mixed herbs or origano, glug of white wine, onions, garlic and browned sausages in oh with a squirt of tom sauce. if its too runny at the end i mix some cornflour with cold water and add

Fugghetaboutit Tue 26-Jan-16 14:40:33

Nice recipe

Pandopops Tue 26-Jan-16 14:44:24

I cheat & use Schwartz Sausage and Bean slow cooker sachet for 80p, its delicious.

Off the top of my head you add browned sausages, canneloni beans, tin of tomatoes, sachet etc.

It does enough for the next night reheated in the oven for 20 mins.

Madblondedog Tue 26-Jan-16 14:50:13

I've made up a concoction as I needed it to go in at 2pm to be ready, hopefully its tasty (eeeek!)

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