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I don't like stilton, what else can I use?

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Dancergirl Mon 25-Jan-16 20:12:34

Found a recipe for asparagus and stilton tart but I don't like stilton. I do quite like cheese generally but not very strong ones. What other cheese would work?

Penfold007 Mon 25-Jan-16 20:16:24

If you don't like the strong blue cheese 'twang' then no blue cheese will work. Why not try a straight forward medium cheddar and see how that works? If you like a slightly sour cheese try a white Stilton or a crumbly Cheshire. If you like mild nutty cheese try Emmantale (?)

Dancergirl Mon 25-Jan-16 20:36:33

I do quite like a nutty texture. And I love Cornish Yarg.

Palomb Mon 25-Jan-16 20:38:19

Try a blue goats cheese? I don't like Stilton or in fact many cow cheeses but blue goats cheese is heavenly. My local tesco are stocking on called beacon Blue at the moment and it is beautiful.

Dancergirl Mon 25-Jan-16 20:39:17

Goats cheese - good idea!

Palomb Mon 25-Jan-16 20:43:17

Sainsburys Kidderton Ash is nice too.

God I love goats cheese ❤️

Higge Mon 25-Jan-16 20:54:17

White stilton - it's mild and crumbly and not a hint of blue.

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