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cooking from frozen

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Munchkin08 Sun 24-Jan-16 14:22:15

Can I cook homemade cauliflower cheese from frozen?

OurBlanche Sun 24-Jan-16 14:24:03

Yes. Throw it in the oven, in a pan, microwave and heat it until it is cooked all the way through.

I use foil tins when I freeze mine back to allow low and slow reheating. DH uses bags and throws it in a pan to reheat. Both work well!

OurBlanche Sun 24-Jan-16 14:25:22

Oh, if you mean can you use frozen cauliflower to make it without waiting for it to defrost, the answer is still yes. It just takes a bit longer to cook and you might have to give it a bot of a stir half way through smile

Munchkin08 Sun 24-Jan-16 14:37:02

Thank you.

I made it and have frozen it but forgot to take it out of the freezer last night - so I'm ok to cook it from frozen on low, is that right ?

OurBlanche Sun 24-Jan-16 14:47:11

Yes. It will be fine. Most things are. Some things lose or gain a bit of texture, that's all.

Munchkin08 Sun 24-Jan-16 14:49:33

Thank you for your help x

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