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best brownie recipe?

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Chapsie Sun 24-Jan-16 14:01:24

There are so many online I don't know how to choose! Can anyone recommend one? We need to bake this afternoon :-)

Pipbin Sun 24-Jan-16 14:03:17

Nothing helpful to add, just place marking.
I've never found a perfect one that makes them crunchy on the top but chewy in the middle.

PickleSarnie Sun 24-Jan-16 14:04:06

These are awesome. Incredibly unhealthy but so good.

LizzieMacQueen Sun 24-Jan-16 14:05:29

Nigella's recipe is the best in my opinion.

hadenough111 Sun 24-Jan-16 14:05:58

These by Nigella

Don't be tempted to think they need longer in the oven. They'll keep cooking as they cool.

Fairylea Sun 24-Jan-16 14:11:23

Betty Crocker packet mix from tesco blushblush

Sorry but I have tried so many recipes and nothing beats it!

VeryFoolishFay Sun 24-Jan-16 14:13:54

I swear by these....though they are expensive to make. They are very rich and you only need a little piece!

Don't overdo them and don't cook them in a sloped sided roasting tin, because the thin bits overcook!

IAmNotDarling Sun 24-Jan-16 14:15:10

Hugh FW for me - recipe

Creatureofthenight Sun 24-Jan-16 14:15:31

I second the vote for Mary Berry!

Doje Sun 24-Jan-16 14:15:40

I can second the Mary Berry ones above!

PerspicaciaTick Sun 24-Jan-16 14:17:19


Normandy144 Sun 24-Jan-16 14:24:30

Agree with the Nigella votes. They are so gooey. I make her snow-flecked brownies from the Feast book and they never let me down. I serve them as a pudding warm from the oven with vanilla ice cream.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 24-Jan-16 14:36:11

Not sure where I got this one from (though I know it was MN so I paying it forward grin )

I used a foil traybake tin with a silicone/greaseproof paper lining.

Melt 185g butter + 185g dark chocolate. Cool a bit
Sieve 85g plain flour + 40g cocoa
Whisk 3 large eggs + 275g caster sugar till primrose yellow (ooh the artistry grin ) This bit makes the crust nice and sugary crisp.

Fold them all in, add 100g dark chocolate chunks (good way to use up the Tiny Toblerone that no one eats)

I use walnuts or pecans , my DSis was horrified .

160-180 c
25-30 minutes no more

Leave them 24 hours.

Adequate resting time = Brownies.
Eat them straight away= cake.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 24-Jan-16 14:40:10

ooh forgot the vanilla extract !

TempusEedjit Sun 24-Jan-16 14:45:18

If you like a dense, fudgy brownie then Nigel Slater's are the best. All the other recipes I've tried come out far too sugary for me.

Chapsie Sun 24-Jan-16 14:52:32

Wow thanks so much, I'll take a look, compare,make and report back.

Smellyrose Sun 24-Jan-16 14:55:30

I second the BBC raspberry brownies - best brownies ever!

OttosTitsling Sun 24-Jan-16 16:44:11

I always use this one.

Warning though, they are incredibly rich and squishy, I cut them into bitesize pieces and can only have a couple before hitting chocolate overload (and I have a very sweet tooth)

Howdoesironmanwee Sun 24-Jan-16 16:51:41

Another vote for the bbcgoo food best ever ones.
They sell out in 5 mins at school fetes. I made mince pies for Christmas fayre. Head master is still cold with me grin

AnUtterIdiot Sun 24-Jan-16 16:53:32

Mind numbingly good whether you are a gluten eater or not.

abigamarone Sun 24-Jan-16 17:06:19

This is my go-to brownie recipe. I use a 100g pack of chocolate chips instead of breaking the chocolate up.

Lunaballoon Sun 24-Jan-16 17:11:26

Another variation to add to the mix - prunes!

KatyN Sun 24-Jan-16 17:15:10

Felicity cloake. Has a series of perfect recipes (she writes a column for the guardian hit has published books too).
As promised all her recipes are perfect including her brownies.

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Sun 24-Jan-16 17:15:37

Laura in the kitchen fudgy brownies are very nice, also this recipe is very agreeable to scaling up or down, and if I have a fancy to make a gimmicky brownie cream egg, or Ferrero rocher, or Oreo, then this is just the right texture to hold bits nicely

HFW cocoa brownies also, you can also layer in aftereights to make after dinner brownies.

the main thing is not to over cook them, there should be a shimmy to the middle AND ideally let them cool in the tin, cut with a hot knife.

I like the sound of that gluten free recipe too, that will go to my pinterest board! :D

HeavyFrost Sun 24-Jan-16 17:16:39

I make Nigella's dense chocolate loaf cake, but in a square tin instead of a loaf tin, cook for a slightly shorter time, and cut into brownies when cool. Fabulously damp and melting, and the dark muscovado sugar makes them. And they are better a day or two after being made.

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