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Mango chutney - advice

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DelphiniumBlue Mon 18-Jan-16 18:04:33

Have been given a bagful of mangoes, which I want to make chutney with. The problem is that they are green, and do not seem to have ripened at all over the last few days.
Is green mango chutney a thing? Would I just add a bit more sugar, or wait to bsee if they ripen? Not holding out much hope in this weather!
Any advice/ suggestions grateful lly received.

FawnDrench Mon 18-Jan-16 20:50:15

There are several recipes available on the web for green mango chutney - but it will be very spicy.
Here's one example

Unripe, ripe, green mangoes are used as a substitute for limes in e.g. Thai cooking I believe, so the taste will be quite different.

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