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no hob ideas please

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sweetheart Tue 12-Jan-16 18:10:03

I'm going to be without my hob for a few weeks which is my main method of cooking so I'm looking for ideas on meals to keep me going. Have available an oven and microwave. Can grill also but grill is in oven so can't use both at once.
We typically eat meals like curry, chilli, spag bol etc so all very hob based.

OddSocksHighHeels Tue 12-Jan-16 20:02:46

Roast dinner
Jacket potatoes
Things on toast
Roast veg with couscous
Fish/meat cooked in the oven or grilled with some salad bits
Lasagna with ready made sauces
Baked risotto
Fish cakes with chips/wedges

That's all I've got at the minute!

cdtaylornats Wed 13-Jan-16 08:46:00

Batch cook the stuff you like so you can microwave as needed.

Buy microwave grains, rice. Mash & mashed root veg can be got in microwaveable form.

PhoenixReisling Wed 13-Jan-16 09:55:24

Do you have a slow cooker or a multi cooker? A slow cooker can be bought fairly cheaply, but a multi cooker can brown meat/make rice/bread etc so is more versatile.

I ask, as you could dump the ingredients in this to make stew/chilli/bolognase etc instead of using the hob and then buy pre-pared pasta/rice/mash to eat with it.

sweetheart Wed 13-Jan-16 11:16:29

thanks for the thoughts so far. Dh and I are trying to be as low carb as possible at the moment which does somewhat complicate matters!

We don't have a slow cooker. We literally have an over (with grill) and microwave. I don't want to be buying more as we are having a new kitchen fitted in a couple of months time so we're watching our pennies at the moment.

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