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Simple yet effective birthday cake for a 12 year old?

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Bouncearound Sun 10-Jan-16 15:44:20

Dd is going to be 12 very soon shock and I have promised to bake her a cake. I do something elaborate every year (still traumatised by the unicorn year) but this year she doesn't want a themed cake, just something chocolatey and 'nice'. She loved one I made with kit kats round the edge and filled with smarties, which was really easy but looked effective. Does anyone have a similar idea they'd be kind enough to share?

Mummyoftwo91 Sun 10-Jan-16 16:39:06

What about a rainbow cake? Have a look on pintrest they have some amazing ideas

CadburysTastesVileNow Sun 10-Jan-16 16:46:27

Apparently, 'anti-gravity' cakes are less difficult than they look. Need melted chocolate to'glue the malteesrs or whatever together on a skewer, and then the packet goes voer one end and the other into the cake ...

LadyPenelope68 Sun 10-Jan-16 16:46:57

What about a chocolate box cake?

LadyPenelope68 Sun 10-Jan-16 16:47:04!fragrance-of-the-month/cnql

CadburysTastesVileNow Sun 10-Jan-16 16:47:24

step by step ...

LadyPenelope68 Sun 10-Jan-16 16:48:30

Wrong link, LOL!!!

zzzzz Sun 10-Jan-16 16:51:04

I really like pigs in a mud bath...corny but still fun.

cdtaylornats Sun 10-Jan-16 17:26:36

How about a chocolate pizza. Various places to get them

This one?

I saw the TV episode that she did it in and it looked straightforward and v impressive.

Rosa Sun 10-Jan-16 17:39:34

Ihave this tin and it is lovely it does need practice and a denser cake is better....I pour chocolate ganache over the top so it drips down the sides.

Or a rainbow cake looks fab when it is cut. Filed with white chocolate icing ??

Rosa Sun 10-Jan-16 17:39:58

Sorry link diddn't convert to a shorter version...

BikeRunSki Sun 10-Jan-16 17:47:03

I love the pigs!!! That is soon going to be DD's next birthday cake (she'll be 5), she loves pigs!

Did you make the pigs zzzzz?

Bouncearound Sun 10-Jan-16 17:49:11

I'm loving these ideas, thank you very much! Now to decide which one to pick!

Allalonenow Sun 10-Jan-16 17:53:42

What about a pile of proffiterols, they are chocolate as she requested, you could fill some with chantilly cream and some with coffee custard.
Perhaps a finishing touch of fragments of gold leaf on some of them.
They would be quite grown up, but still a real treat.

Bouncearound Sun 10-Jan-16 17:55:26

Ooh, profiteroles are her absolute favourite!

Pobspits Sun 10-Jan-16 17:55:33

Piñata cake?

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