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Veggie lasagne recipes please

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Pico2 Wed 06-Jan-16 18:05:27

We've decided to serve lasagne at a family lunch but have a veggie too. Please could you let me know what you replace the bolognese sauce with in your veggie lasagne? We're not keen on butternut squash or goats cheese, so would prefer to avoid them as we will end up with the leftovers. Thank you!

ExtraBlessings Wed 06-Jan-16 18:08:45

I love spinach and ricotta lasagna. I'd even throw some pine nuts in if DH wasn't allergic. I don't use a recipe, just wing it with some cubes of frozen spinach (defrost first), bechamel sauce and a tub of ricotta. Grated parmesan on top.

whois Wed 06-Jan-16 18:08:48

Roasted Mediterranean veg in a nice tomato sauce

PhoenixReisling Thu 07-Jan-16 09:30:37

Lentils in a tomato, garlic and chilli sauce.

Fry onions until softened and then add the garlic. Empty a carton/jar of Passta, a few cherry tomatos, dried chilli flakes (to your taste), a tablespoon of tomato paste, seasoning and an optional splash of red wine. Whilst this is simmering, soak some red lentils for five minutes. Drain and wash through until the water runs clear and then add to the sauce. Cook for about twenty minutes (or until the lentils are soft). You may need to add a little water as sometimes the lentils stick to the bottom.

As an easier alternative, you can buy canned lentils which you could just empty and heat through with the sauce.

After this, layer the lentil sauce with lasagna sheets and bechamel/cheese sauce.

I'm not a vegetarian nor is DH but we really enjoy this.

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