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What's in your freezer? How often do you defrost it? What's the best use if a freezer anyway?

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ExtraBlessings Wed 06-Jan-16 17:57:23

I'm running down my freezer. I think it's doing to take all of January to get through the contents. It' a mixture of nice batch cooked meals, random lunch-sized pots of leftovers, bags of veg (spinach and peas), bag if quorn, bag of prawns, bag of homemade breadcrumbs, a couple of frozen pizzas which I am to save until last as a reward for my efforts, etc etc etc

How often are you even supposed to defrost it?

When it comes to restocking, does anyone have any good suggestions for what to freeze and what does not work? How to batch it up? Or how to organise it beautifully?thanks!

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