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packed lunch inspiration but with no fridge/kettle/micro. What do you have?

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SnootBoop Sun 03-Jan-16 13:52:36

I start a new job next week and I'll be moving around a lot, so at least at first, I don't know if I'll have access to fridge/kettle/micro. Possibly just eating out of my car.

So please, what do you have that last well in a lunch box without going soggy or stinky?

Yddraigoldragon Sun 03-Jan-16 13:55:58

Soup in a flask? Peperami, baby bel cheese, chopped up veggies will keep in a cold boot.

Costacoffeeplease Sun 03-Jan-16 14:02:00

Pasta salad? With tuna/sweet corn or cold roast chicken?

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