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Big tub of whipping cream to use today

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BlueCowWonders Sun 03-Jan-16 10:09:06

Any ideas?
DC don't like meringue so I can't do the Eton mess I'd like!

BerylStreep Sun 03-Jan-16 10:16:12

Freeze it?

Strawberries & cream?


BlueCowWonders Sun 03-Jan-16 10:25:42

Strawberries would be lovely but it's raining <pathetic>

Not sure about freezing - does it need to be whipped first do you know? Or better once defrosted?

SquadGoals Sun 03-Jan-16 10:34:08

I sometimes add whipped cream to scones instead of butter.

Means that you can freeze them and also have something to eat the whipping cream with grin

BerylStreep Sun 03-Jan-16 12:11:06

If freezing you are supposed to whip first, however I often freeze, then just defrost for using in soups etc.

Savagebeauty Sun 03-Jan-16 12:13:03

I would eat it with a spoon

BaronessBomburst Sun 03-Jan-16 12:14:09

It's unlikely to turn overnight anyway.
What were you planning on when you bought it?
Freezing in batches for soup/ pasta dishes is a good idea.

Hipotle Sun 03-Jan-16 12:14:35

Our family has a totally ludicrous and indulgent 1970s 'recipe' that we have once a year at Xmas! it is literally just whipped cream with Crunchie bars smashed up in it! All the honeycomb kind melts into the cream but it still stays a bit crunchy too. Delicious smile

Purplehonesty Sun 03-Jan-16 12:16:18

Cheesecake? Do you have any soft cheese?

Allalonenow Sun 03-Jan-16 12:22:52

If you have any fruit or a good jam. make fruit fool or syllabub, or stir some into hot chocolate, or make a chocolate sauce (a good use of selection box bits & bobs) to dip fruit in.

VegetablEsoup Sun 03-Jan-16 12:27:07

instant ice cream:
tub of frozen fruit
some icing sugar
tub of cream

Aposey Sun 03-Jan-16 12:30:17

It wouldve had melted chocolate added to it and vigorously stirred to make mousse if it was in my kitchen for more than 3 minutes.

BlueCowWonders Sun 03-Jan-16 12:43:41

To answer a Q above, I over-bought for cheesecake. But DH have had s bit too much recently!
Thanks for all the ideas.

Allalonenow Sun 03-Jan-16 16:14:17

A baked egg custard tart or a quiche would help use it up if you have any left Blue wine

Cel982 Sun 03-Jan-16 16:17:03

I find cream usually lasts a good few days past its best before date.

But yeah, grab a big spoon and put your feet up. Yum.

LineyReborn Sun 03-Jan-16 16:22:18

Diane sauce. MN converted me.

howabout Sun 03-Jan-16 16:26:18

Cranachan - toasted oatmeal, honey, whiskey, raspberries and whipped cream

Pretty similar to crunchie bars and whipped cream upthread which sounds yummy grin

plantsitter Sun 03-Jan-16 16:26:26

I'd make potatoes dauphinois


originalmavis Sun 03-Jan-16 16:31:51

Smear it all over your, oh hang on its not that type of thread..

SmaDizietSma Sun 03-Jan-16 16:33:42

Add icing sugar, evaporated milk and vanilla. Whip, mix and freeze for Lovely ice cream.

Fuckitfay Sun 03-Jan-16 16:35:20

Whip it for a game of pie face?

BlueCowWonders Sun 03-Jan-16 22:21:09


Thanks to Hipotle above I raided the DC selection boxes and smashed up a couple of Crunchies. Very good grin
And also got D H to go out in the rain and get some freak strawberries so we weren't entirely unhealthy!

Mumsnet comes up trumps again. (But no whipped cream licked off DH, sorry OriginalMavis, maybe the next 'spare' pot!)

BerylStreep Mon 04-Jan-16 08:33:26

If only everyone would update their threads like you OP.

Glad you enjoyed it.

tb Wed 06-Jan-16 20:02:41

Syllabub with some lemon juice, brandy or Drambuie and sugar. Yum - you can tell the diet restarted today!

Hipotle Sat 09-Jan-16 22:35:37

Just saw your update! Glad you enjoyed the Crunchie dessert!

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