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HELP Meal planning With shopping list

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spiderbabymum Wed 30-Dec-15 07:58:50

Hi everyone
I want / need some help here
I spend far too much time meal planning
In my dream world I would just Pay someone ?? on Facebook ? To just do it for me
The reality is I don't actually Care what we eat on any given week

I just cook healthy family food and try to give my family a balanced diet
But I readily admit that our default Typical menu for the week is not great
The point is can anyone please suggest an easier way to do it ???

I've already tried numerous options

The best or easiest was probably

From a mumsnet mums book
Called austerity housekeeping

That has I think six weeks worth of meal plans fir a full week WithShopping lists

It was so easy !!!! I just print the list then did online shopping

Now I'm back to going to the supermarket myself

I liked the lidl grocery hauls on here
Similar idea
Did all three of them
But found some of them a bit too simple

On the other hand the Tesco weekly meal plans are ridiculously over complicated eg the what's in season fir November With food that's just not family food . The kids won't eats it , too time consuming for me to
Make it

I'm so passionate about this idea that I'm wondering could I set up my own ?? Facebook page somehow cheaply selling a weekly plan and shopping list

But I've no time

Any suggestions ???????

Has anyone found anything that works for you ?

I do think the supermarkets are missing a trick in Nit making it easier fir us

for example
A mixed menu with meat fish veggie
With a online shopping list that you can print easily or simply add to your online shopping List

Has anyone got a book or system that they find quick and easy ???

sashh Wed 30-Dec-15 12:58:18

I have a word document - it has spaces for 3 meals a day for 7 days.

I fil in the meals first and then add anything I don't have in stock to the shopping list - the list is divided in to meat, fish, veg etc.

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