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Lamb shoulder but not roast dinner?

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VintageDresses Sat 26-Dec-15 22:01:56

I have all the family here next weekend for a big birthday. It was originally planned for Sunday so I was going to do roast and trimmings. Now we're all going to another family member on Sunday and they'll do a roast. Everyone is coming here Saturday night.

I've already bought two lamb shoulders which I was going to cook long and slow. What would you do with them for a Saturday night dinner for 12 people?

lougle Sat 26-Dec-15 22:05:47

Dauphinoise potatoes, chantenay carrots and cabbage would be nice.

VegetablEsoup Sat 26-Dec-15 22:07:44

shredded lamb kind of thing?
served with rolls and relishes?

MyFriendsCallMeOh Sat 26-Dec-15 22:09:03

Couscous with pomegranates, pistachios, apricots and lots of parsley, yogurt and mint, chickpeas with tomatoes and spinach and some sort of aubergine dish, maybe a kale, walnut and feta salad too. I adore middle eastern food and cook it often. A shoulder of lamb would be perfect, stud it with garlic before you roast it.

donkir Sat 26-Dec-15 22:09:27

We had chopped tomatoes and oregano slow roasted lamb today. It fell off the bone. We served with some Mediterranean cous cous.

FusionChefGeoff Sat 26-Dec-15 22:10:24

Shoulder is good for curry or tagine if you fancy a bit of butchery and a slow cook.....

MyFriendsCallMeOh Sat 26-Dec-15 22:10:53

Or cook it before they arrive, carve it and serve it warm with hummus, baba ghanoush, flat brads, tabbouleh, labneh and olives.

ABetaDad1 Sat 26-Dec-15 22:13:03

Remove bone, stuff with brown breadcrumbs, minced dried apricots, mint, garlic.

Tie up the meat with string into a roll to keep stuffing in place. Slow roast. Comes out beautifully tender.

I haven't got the exact recipe but this is quite close.

I tend to serve with rice and nice green salad (often I do fresh young spinach leaves with a little balsamic vinegar) rather than roast potato and vegetables as it is quite oily.

Cumberlover76 Sat 26-Dec-15 22:13:20

Ras El hanout, shallot, anchovy, paprika rub slow roast on a bed of fennel, waxy spuds, roasted peppers (from a jar), paprika, salt and pepper covered in foil, bit of water. Add chopped feta in last 15 mins, serve with salsa Verde, mmmmmm!

DancingDuck Sat 26-Dec-15 22:17:50

Mix cinnamon and cumin into olive oil with crushed garlic and rub all over the lamb. Marinade for a day. Serve with roast Mediterranean veg and couscous with mint and toasted pine nuts. Very easy but tastes good.

DancingDuck Sat 26-Dec-15 22:19:52

Or just take it round to MyFriendsCallMeOh 's house for her to cook. Sounds like my dream dinner.

MyFriendsCallMeOh Sun 27-Dec-15 02:11:55

I live in Texas .... might be cold by the time you get it home. I use to live in the Middle East, love those flavours.

hownottofuckup Sun 27-Dec-15 02:29:09

Ottelenghi's (spelling?) Persian Lamb. This amazing!

cdtaylornats Sun 27-Dec-15 10:47:41

kleftiko lamb leg but shoulder should do just as well

VintageDresses Sun 27-Dec-15 10:54:31

Ooh Klefiko. Do you really think it would be OK with shoulder, wouldn't it be very greasy?

MrsLeighHalfpenny Sun 27-Dec-15 10:59:31

Cawl. A Welsh soup recipe -Google it.

Serve with cheese and crusty bread.

KP86 Sun 27-Dec-15 11:16:06

Sprinkle lamb with paprika, cut 2 lemons in half and squeeze over (leave lemons in cooker) cut some holes in top of lamb and stuff garlic slices, fresh rosemary and thyme sprigs and add a handful of olives to the cooker for Greek-style.

Then serve with wraps, cheese, lettuce, tomato, fresh onion slices and tzatziki (sp?), to make kebabs/souvlaki.

Or more traditionally, serve with garlic mash.

Higge Sun 27-Dec-15 14:45:41

Leviticus Sun 27-Dec-15 15:43:41

Bone and then chop up. Marinade in oil, crushed garlic, Salt and pepper and make kebab skewers with peppers. Serve with chopped salad (with fresh parsley or coriander in), mint yoghurt (just mint sauce and natural mixed together) and pittas and/or rice.

This is one of the freshest, tastiest teas ever, I promise. Fattier cuts of meat lend themselves really well to kebabs.

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