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soup using veg and juices from underneath turkey ?

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gingeroots Sat 26-Dec-15 12:57:03

ok so I've kept the root veg and onions that the turkey was resting on when it was cooking .I've skimmed off the set fat and left with the jelly stuff plus veg .

would it be vile as a basis for soup ? How should I go about it ?

still have giblets in fridge - should I use them somehow ?

any advice gratefully accepted .Expect I should bin ,but it seems a waste ....

gingeroots Sun 27-Dec-15 21:46:35

aah ,don't leave me to experiment .Think of my family .

DoreenLethal Sun 27-Dec-15 21:49:49

Chop up fresh onions and sweat them slowly in some oil.

Once they have started to go brown, add whatever you have chopped up small, plus any other veg languishing at the bottom of the fridge, all chopped up small. Cook as per the onions for another 5 mins, then add water - usually half a litre per person. Let it come to the boil, simmer until everything is cooked, whizz with a blender and season to taste and serve with bread.

DoreenLethal Sun 27-Dec-15 21:50:04

Note: remove any bones.

MadauntofA Sun 27-Dec-15 21:54:39

Did this tonight - sweated some leeks carrots, potatoes and celery, all chopped quite small, then added the jelly and some water, cooked for about half an hour then added shredded cabbage and chopped pieces of Turkey. Was delicious!

gingeroots Mon 28-Dec-15 09:30:00

Thank you guys . I have some celery so will add that .All soup recipes seem to call for celery .
I've never made a succesful soup .

DoreenLethal Mon 28-Dec-15 09:41:28

If you haven't made a successful soup you haven't cooked the onions slow or long enough. You can make a successful soup with just onions and sweated veg with stock. Put it on low, with some oil or fat, and cook it slowly until it is just turning brown. Before you do or add ANYTHING else. Timing wise, this step can take half an hour if you do it properly.

Then you can add all your other stuff, liquid and bring to the boil and simmer.

gingeroots Mon 28-Dec-15 12:17:16

Thanks Doreen ,I'll definetly try that .

Cooking low on my electric hob involves turning plate on and off because thermostats have gone blush blush .
I'm used to it tho !

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