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fruit salad?

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mummytojames Tue 18-May-04 18:16:11

hi all im realy looking for a fruit salad ideas which is suitable for a eight month old aswell as adult with summer comming all the best fruits are coming for sale in my local market so im hopeing to make the most of it and make some delisios fruit salads which i can put in smothies on there own or on pancakes i hope you experieanced cooks might have some ideas because i am useless

mummytojames Tue 18-May-04 23:11:28


KateandtheGirls Tue 18-May-04 23:15:12

I don't know. I've never used a recipe for fruit salad. Just cut up all the fruit and mix it together, maybe with a bit of sugar if you think the fruit needs it.

My stepmother makes the best fruit salad, but then she adds quite a lot of booze, so probably not the best for your baby.

Megali Tue 18-May-04 23:17:16

Can't remember what 8 mth olds can/can't eat but when mine were small they loved things like grapes, sharon fruits, strawberries, cherries, kiwis, etc - cut up in small pieces. I just use some fruit juice and throw in whatever fruit I have.

Hope this helps!!

mummytojames Tue 18-May-04 23:21:58

thanks kate and megali so what your saying is dont matter what fruits i throw in it should turn out ok i did try the recipe book and it was saying that only certain fruits go together that what threw me and i see hipp does fruit salad for four month olds so figured mine would be fine hes hadall the fruits seperate before and been fine so not so worried about allergic reaction more on the what he can chew and what goes with what oh and if i never told you i cant cook bake or any of theother motherly things so im still learning from scratch
god help us

Megali Tue 18-May-04 23:26:28

Don't worry - I think babies eat weird combinations anyway. When mine were babies, I had a book by Annabel Karmel which was great at suggestions for what to give babies when - but some of the combinations of food were strange - I used things like sweet potatoes, avocado, sharon fruits etc which my dds would turn their noses up at now!

mummytojames Tue 18-May-04 23:28:55

thanks megali just one more question what on earth is sharons fruit and would they sell it at local fruit and veg markets

KateandtheGirls Tue 18-May-04 23:31:31

I was wondering that myself MTJ!

Megali Tue 18-May-04 23:32:58

I had never heard of it before AK's book either - and I don't think we've had one since. They are red with seeds, like a large tomato, but very sweet. We got them in Tescos or M&S - not sure about markets. They are expensive - but my dds loved them and wolfed them down!

mummytojames Tue 18-May-04 23:36:30

thanks megli i think i might leave the sharons fruit after all we got to eat it as well lol does anyone know how long you can keep fruit salad in juice for because all juices say no longer than three days hipp organics definatley on the shelf longer than that oh and it will be in a sealed container in the fridge just so i know how big a dish to do

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