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Help! Fudge recipe adjustment query

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eatscakefornoreasonwhatsoever Wed 16-Dec-15 20:06:51

My recipe calls for 1.5lb of soft brown sugar. I only have 1lb. Can I substitute with icing sugar/white granulated sugar or should I just adjust everything down by a third?

Yarpyarp Thu 17-Dec-15 16:48:58

It'll taste milder with the White so if you don't want that I would adjust it all by a third. The other way would be to mix the White with molasses to make your own brown sugar. Obviously assuming you have molasses!

Higge Fri 18-Dec-15 09:09:44

White sugar will be fine - I mix my sugars for fudge all the time. Sieve the sugar to remove lumps though - you'd think they'd dissolve/melt but they have a habit of turning into hard caramel.

msrisotto Fri 18-Dec-15 09:14:35

Yeah white will be fine.

I have a fudge recipe which calls for white sugar. It comes out really creamy and soft. I only had brown sugar once so made it with that instead and it came out a more crumbly texture. Still awesome fudge, but a slightly different texture. Interesting!

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