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stuck in a rut!

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waitingforsomething Tue 15-Dec-15 12:40:54

My set up is me, Dh, dd (3) and 5mo ds. No fussiness especially but dd is suspicious of mushrooms, potatoes and chickpeas! The stapes eaten by all are:
Spag Bol or lasagne
Fish pie
Pasta bakes with fish/veg
Pork and paranip casserole
Chicken in a spanish tomato sauce with rice
Veggie Sausages with yorkshires/toad in the hole
Fish fingers or fish cakes
Pasta with prawns and pesto
Fish with noodles and soy sauce

Things eaten by Dh and I but dd won't are:
Stir fry
Thai curry
Mushroom stroganoff

I'd love a few ideas for things that we can all eat and might be suitable to mush up for baby in a couple of months when he's on meat/dairy etc

Eachpeachpearplum1985 Tue 15-Dec-15 13:42:07

Paella and risotto are on our staples list. I usually do prawn and chorizo paella and chicken and bacon risotto with mushrooms and peas. You could skip the musrooms, maybe stick a poached egg on top.

Also eat a lot of pasta in tomato sauce with different things added e.g make it spicy one time, different veg. You can make a nice creamy pasta sauce with cream cheese.

Curry is also good and can be changed up by adding different veg, meat, coconut milk etc.

Stews? Lots of winter veg, butter beans, dumplings? I remember loving dumplings as a kid.

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