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Reheating batch cooked food from freezer- defrost first?

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Bouncearound Tue 15-Dec-15 11:33:02

I've spent ages over the last week cooking up a variety of meals to go in the freezer- sausage casserole, meatballs, lasagne and chilli. It's all in foil boxes in the freezer and I'd planned to use them for the nights when we are late home and can just bung them in the oven. However, I've just been told that I need to defrost them overnight first- is this true or can I just cook from frozen?
I'm never organised enough to know what we are having the next night and wanted to keep the freezer food for emergencies so taking it out the night before would be a pita!!

DangerMouth Tue 15-Dec-15 11:36:44

Defrost them in the microwave. That's what l do with anything frozen.

Bouncearound Tue 15-Dec-15 13:29:17

Thanks... Will try to suss out how the defrost function works on my microwave now!

mrsmugoo Tue 15-Dec-15 13:37:10

Don't put a foul tray in the microwave though!

cdtaylornats Tue 15-Dec-15 13:39:05

I prefer to defrost overnight but sometimes I forget so its into the microwave

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