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To detest a squashy banana

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ScarySarahFarrell Sun 13-Dec-15 12:48:33

Me and a friend always argue about this, when I buy bananas I try to get the greenest ones possibe, but she prefers them ripe, meaning squishy and smelly, I personally can't stand eating them when they go ripe, never mond over ripe to the point when you even pick them up they squash between your fingers! Am I the only one that thinks overripe squigy banana's are digusting?!

OddSocksHighHeels Sun 13-Dec-15 14:51:39

I like them ripe but not overripe, I definitely wouldn't eat them while they're still green though. I sound like Goldilocks now grin

Do you eat them green?

ScarySarahFarrell Sun 13-Dec-15 20:45:37

The greener the better, I can't stand the texture of them when they're ripe :p

CharleyDavidson Sun 13-Dec-15 20:47:07

I dislike ripe bananas and used to prefer to buy them when they were greeny yellow. I don't like the taste or the texture if they are ripe.

Unfortunately, bananas in any stage of ripeness disagree with me and give me stomach ache, so I can't eat them.

RiverTam Sun 13-Dec-15 20:56:31

Bananas are the fruit of the devil. They're all detestable <gavel>.

OddSocksHighHeels Sun 13-Dec-15 20:58:29

Nope. It's oranges that are the fruit of the devil, all pithy.

GoApeShit Sun 13-Dec-15 21:05:45

Ugh. Bananas should be somehow genetically modified so that they become incapable of ripening and forever remain in that lovely yellow-with-a-hint-of-green stage.

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