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Need to change eating habits in 2016

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IMBWater Sat 12-Dec-15 19:29:58

Not sure if this is the place for this, but seemed like the best forum for it.

I've realised that mine and Dps diet is really pretty poor and want to change it to make it healthier, and also to set a good example to DD who we'll be weaning in the new year.

For background; I'm 23, Dp 22, and DD is 5.5months. We've only been living together nearly a year. Exercise wise I'm pretty, I go out for a walk of up to 3 miles with the pushchair everyday, and I swim for 1.5-2hours once a week (will be increasing this to twice a week in 2016), Dp walks to and from work (about half a mile a way) everyday, and walks his parents dogs twice a week for 9-10miles, his job also involves a lot of heavy lifting and walking/running around so I think we're sorted exercise wise.

Foodwise; I'm not massively fussy and will eat almost anything except nuts (allergy), and I'm not a huge fan of anything very spicy - but will eat med-mild curries, chilli etc. Otherwise I'm happy to try anything and love experimenting with food.

Dp however is the fussiest eater ever - SIL is the same but worse than him (she won't eat anything but Pasta and Cheese, literally) which is weird because their parents eat anything but very hot spicy food. This list will be long so will split it up to make it easier
- He doesn't like anything remotely spicy and food needs to look good for him to eat it so anything like curry/pasta sauce or anything with an odd colour is out as they make him feel sick (apparently).
- He will also not eat many vegetables, so far since we moved in together I've managed to get him to like and enjoy; Brocolli, Sweetcorn/Corn on the Cob, Peas - but only garden or frozen, mushy peas are an odd colour/texture so he won't touch them, Carrots - but only if they're boiled he won't touch them raw, fried or roasted, and Potatoes - but only mashed or chips, he won't eat them plain boiled, roasted or as any other potato product (e.g. Waffles). I'm working on more vegetables.
- He hates tomatoes (technically a fruit I know), onion, garlic and most herbs.
- The only fruit he will eat are bananas.
- Meat wise he will eat Pork Sausages, Steak, and Burgers. Occasionally he'll eat chicken, but only if it's breaded. He will eat mince but only beef mince. He will not eat lamb, fish or turkey, he doesn't like them.
- He eats pasta, but as said above won't eat sauces.
- He doesn't like gravy
- He doesn't like rice or noodles
- He won't eat shellfish

Looking at that maybe I should list what he will eat instead!

I'm finding right now due to Dps fussiness we're living off sausages, burgers, chips and mash with the occasional steak, breaded chicken or nuggets or pizza (Dp loves pizza). It's not only boring, but also incredibly unhealthy.

We never eat out as we're never certain if Dp will eat anything on the menu, and we never order takeaway as Dp won't eat Chinese/Indian/Thai etc and the meals we eat are like being at the chippy everyday.

Please help! I really don't want my daughter thinking this is normal.

StealthPolarBear Sat 12-Dec-15 19:31:30

What does he think? How does he think you can both improve your diet?

IMBWater Sat 12-Dec-15 21:09:00

Dp wants to change his diet as he can see it's going to affect DD, but he doesn't know how.

Doublebubblebubble Sat 12-Dec-15 21:24:09

Well I'm in the same boat as you really...

I've been pregnant from Jan-mid october ds was 12 days overdue. And for the last 8 weeks I've had a meringue everyday (cant help it at all) really need to lose weight fairly soon as I don't feel myself at all. My dh was WAY WAY WAY fussier than your dp he would literally only eat chips and mashed potatoes (occasionally toast and sausages but the sausages had to be oven cooked) when I was pregnant with our DD (now 6) I knew that this was goig to be a problem and I really didn't want to be making 3 different meals potentially or allow for her to be fussy so I made dh promise for his daughter to try something new every week until she was 1 (so he had from me being around 4months till she was 1 year) and it worked. He didn't swear on her life but because it was for her (and our dcs are the loves of his life (as well as me smile it worked. He still doesn't eat cheese or butter though.

IMBWater Sat 12-Dec-15 21:43:03

Double thats a great idea! I'll try that, he'd do anything for DD.

Noodlesg Sun 13-Dec-15 14:37:13

How can he eat pizza if he hates tomatoes? I don't envy you at all! There's some online recipe finders where you list what you have and it makes recipe suggestions maybe try that inputting your partners fave foods? Good luck!!

whois Sun 13-Dec-15 20:48:57

Yikes! To be honest I think I would start cooking nice healthy meals for you and DD, and binging fish fingers and chips in the oven for DP. With such a restricted list he really needs to take the initiative to change.

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