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Fed up with thinking what to cook every night.

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viioletsarentblue Tue 01-Dec-15 17:55:50

Think my family will throttle me if I give them spaghetti bolognaise yet again grin

Any ideas for Quick, Cheap, Easy, Tasty midweek meals?
(other than sausage casserole, stews or soups) hmm

piebald Tue 01-Dec-15 18:59:54

I get so fed up of thinking of things, cottage pie, roast chicken, chili con carne. we have a lot of omelettes. when they were younger i used to cook pasta and then put bowls of cheese tuna and other toppings on table so they could choose
Meatloaf is good

spad Tue 01-Dec-15 19:03:02

A super easy oven baked risotto. I'm feeding my baby just now so can't get the recipe but I think you'll find it if you google Good Food. It has bacon, risotto rice, tomatoes, onion and chicken stock. I chuck peas and sweet corn in too. Pm me if you can't find it.

spad Tue 01-Dec-15 19:04:28

Soup, fresh bread and a pudding

spad Tue 01-Dec-15 19:06:48

Wraps, a splodge of Mayo and chilli sauce mixed and spread on the wrap, chicken fillets (or quorn chicken fillets ) a bit of salad, and if you are really hungry us spoon of the Tilda sweet chilli rice.

spad Tue 01-Dec-15 19:07:47

Sorry for post saying pudding. What about bacon sandwich and pudding.

spad Tue 01-Dec-15 19:08:10

Haggis, neap sand tarried

MadHattersWineParty Tue 01-Dec-15 19:14:13

Those taco things, a bit of flavouring and sone pork or bee mince. Dollop of sour cream and salad.

MadHattersWineParty Tue 01-Dec-15 19:14:28

Ah! Pork or beef MINCE

nattyknitter Tue 01-Dec-15 19:38:20

I go through some of the recipe sites writing good meal ideas that I like a meal planner that is for the month.

It takes a little time to set up, but once the planner is on the fridge I don't have to think about it other than matching the shopping list to what I need if I don't have stuff in for it.

Every so often I might switch out one night for another, but do generally stick to it.

poocatcherchampion Tue 01-Dec-15 19:41:43

I hear you.

You my think this is drastic but I recommend an emergency c section that doesn't heal for 6 weeks and joining a church if you don't have one and then church friends will start bringing dishes around shepherds pie without fail followed by crumble its like being on a very painful and frustrating holiday.

Pancakes with mushroom and ham cheesy sauce
Corned beef hash

Rivercam Tue 01-Dec-15 19:50:52

I get fed up with planning the evening meal also. My staples are:

Sphag Bol
Swedish meatballs and pasta
Stir fry
Fish and mash (breaded fish)
Pork chops ( with cheese and sliced Apple on top)
Chicken thighs/legs (cooked in oven)

Quick meals:
Hot dogs
Pizza etc

Friday meal is always chips and... Pizza, burgers, southern fried chicken ...
Sunday - roast

BatonRouge Tue 01-Dec-15 20:00:01

I just did a really easy dinner - made it up but tasty and ridiculously quick.

Gnocchi and Crab:- Melt some lurpack garlic butter - add white and brown crab meat. Cook peas and green beans for 7mins or so then add to crab. Cook gnocchi for 3mins then add to sauce. Really quick - super tasty if I do say so myslef grin

FinallyHere Tue 01-Dec-15 20:39:24

How old are the family? The most powerful responses would be to have a simple family meeting to do the planning. There may be guidelines in place, no repeats within a week etc. given them a chance to be creative see how quickly it gets boring to plan. You may find one of 'em is really good at it/wants to do it.

A weekly house meeting to decide, say one choice each and you do the rest and you are sorted. My nephew now has a black board in the kitchen/dining room and very proudly showed us how he and his new wife do this together each week, when they were showing us their house. I caught my sisters (his mother's eye' and we both knew what the other was thinking : i remembered when she
, as the mother, was bored to menu planning and decided to get the family involved. Brilliant result

calzone Tue 01-Dec-15 21:23:57

One freezer meal ie fish fingers and chips with peas
One roast
One soup
One jacket potato and cheese with beans

Then a proper choice each

Chicken fajitas
Spaghetti and meatballs
Chicken stir fry and noodles

Is basically how I work out my week......or I would scream!

toffeeboffin Tue 01-Dec-15 21:25:30

I have no ideas, I'm in the same bloody predicament! grin

Watching with interest.

toffeeboffin Tue 01-Dec-15 21:27:40

Hmm, bacon sandwich and pudding sounds right up my street for tonight! - - falls spectacularly off low carb wagon--

evelynj Tue 01-Dec-15 21:42:59

I usually make these eat the same thing 2 nights on the trot, so if I make risotto or pasta eat it for 2 or 3 nights. They hate it,
I don't mind.

KissMyFatArse Tue 01-Dec-15 21:46:10

Cook in the bag chicken, mega easy and tasty, fling in done veg and chopped potatoes too and it's a meal in one. Rustic chicken or garlic and herb is good in this house.

MilkRunningOutAgain Tue 01-Dec-15 22:44:51

Baked potato with baked beans and cheese
Pitta pizzas, toast, split, spread with tomato purée, sprinkle on grated cheese, tuna, chopped ham, chopped salad onion, whatever you like, grill
Gnocchi is quicker than pasta
Savoury pancakes and carrot, cucumber, pepper sticks
Home made burgers (turkey mince makes good ones)
Marinade diced chicken or lamb in crushed garlic, lemon juice, soy sauce and sugar for a couple of hours, put on skewers and grill. Nice with wraps and corn on the cob and salad

viioletsarentblue Tue 01-Dec-15 22:55:23

Some good ideas on here. I'm making notes!

lastqueenofscotland Wed 02-Dec-15 08:16:26

Stir fries

M48294Y Wed 02-Dec-15 08:25:40

Spaghetti carbonara

Pasta with ham, mushrooms, cooked peas and philadelphia lightened with a bit of creme fraiche stirred through

Ham, cauliflower cheese and a baked potato

Peppers stuffed with rice and vegetables or rice and minced beef or lamb

Meatloaf with vegetables (quick to prepare, takes a little while to cook)

Salmon baked in foil with egg fried rice and green beans

Sausage, mash and onion gravy

Spicey bean burgers with chips and salad

Nigella's chicken and chorizo tray bake (don't put the chorizo in at the start, it will burn, put it in after the chicken has been cooking for half an hour)

Chorizo and chick pea stew with spinach

Cold meats, olives, pitta bread, hummus, greek salad

Chicken or steak fajitas

viioletsarentblue Wed 02-Dec-15 10:03:05

I'm going to try

oven baked risotto,
gnocchi & crab (tinned crab),
Nigellas chicken & chorizo bake.

Any more?

I'm looking for some 'hearty' recipes as well (my lot have massive appetites greedy pigs with hollow legs)
If it was up to them they would be quite happy eating a Sunday Roasts every day of the week.

viioletsarentblue Wed 02-Dec-15 10:10:25

I seem to be constantly making either:

Spag Bol,
Shepherds pie,
Salmon and vegetable medley (violet's medley = tomatos, courgettes, peppers and onions) Masterchef here we come grin
Pork chops in breadcrumbs
Gammon, egg, mushrooms and chips
Sausage & Mash
Chicken, (roast dinner)

and then it's the same boring meals (rotated) the next week and the next and the next.

I'm determined to get out of this rut.
They must be sick to death of eating it and I'm sick to death of churning out the same old crap.

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