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beef Wellington - what would you have with it??

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FusionChefGeoff Thu 26-Nov-15 16:43:35

Gonna try the Aldi beef Wellington tonight - never had it before so no idea what it would go with.

Know my way round a kitchen and have most ingredients and can get veg etc....

IHaveBrilloHair Thu 26-Nov-15 16:46:02

Creamed spinach and chunky chopped carrots.

FruitySalad Thu 26-Nov-15 17:02:16

I was tempted by the Beef Wellington when I seen it last week, let us know if it's good.

I'd have red cabbage and a glass of red wine to accompany.

FusionChefGeoff Thu 26-Nov-15 17:04:22

Oooh yes creamed spinach sounds good - never done that before either! Any tips?

FusionChefGeoff Thu 26-Nov-15 17:04:55

Will do fruity smile

WutheringFrights Thu 26-Nov-15 17:08:50

Roast potatoes, carrots, peas and red wine gravy!

Fugghetaboutit Thu 26-Nov-15 17:09:37

Roasted baby new potatoes and broccoli/kale

unlimiteddilutingjuice Thu 26-Nov-15 17:27:22

Smooth mashed potato and glazed carrots

bilbodog Thu 26-Nov-15 17:28:16

Dauphinois potatoes and green beans

Allalonenow Thu 26-Nov-15 17:34:19

Peas cooked with lettuce and cream, and courgette grated then cooked briefly with butter and crushed garlic.

Fugghetaboutit Thu 26-Nov-15 18:08:04

Oh yes to dauphinois potatoes!

whois Thu 26-Nov-15 22:13:35

Yes yes to dauphinois pots.

Also with beg like carrots, green beans, spinach, red cabbage.

HopefulAnxiety Sun 29-Nov-15 20:51:31

Pommes boulangere are better than pommes dauphinois with such a rich dish, surely?

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