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white onion turned my lentils red

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DairyNips Thu 26-Nov-15 11:49:31

Confused, I usually make lentil soup with freshly chopped onion and carrots and lentils.
Last night I got some bags of ready chopped white onion reduced so I used them today in my soup.
Some of them went a bit red when I sautéed them but I thought nothing of it.
Now I've gone back to stir it and the red lentils (which are usually orange) are dark red?!!
Has anyone had this? Is it safe to eat?

DairyNips Thu 26-Nov-15 12:02:53


DairyNips Thu 26-Nov-15 13:15:42


Theoldcauliflower Thu 26-Nov-15 13:18:04

I have no idea, how strange. Does it still taste nice? If so I'd still eat itsmile

DairyNips Thu 26-Nov-15 14:01:47

It smells ok.. Haven't tried it, scared it'll make me sick! confused

4merlyknownasSHD Thu 26-Nov-15 15:09:01

Why would you think they'll make you sick? If the onions are OK, and the Lentils are OK, what is the problem? I would imagine that they are a slightly different type of Onion and it has a different sugar level, or something.

MERLYPUSSEDOFF Thu 26-Nov-15 15:49:34

You can dye clothes with onion skin(rust colour). Was there a rouge piece of skin in it?

You wont be sick with onion.

DairyNips Fri 04-Dec-15 13:53:02

There was no skin in it. It was white onion, pre chopped.. Never did eat it in the end as it was such a strange colour..

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