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Help me save my Nigella Chocolate Guinness Cake!!

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Twirlstwirlstwirls Thu 19-Nov-15 21:42:03


I forgot to turn the heat up on the fan oven... Just opened the oven and it's all - err - wibbly wobbly!!

It has rested in the oven baked for 40 mins about 130 and it was meant to go in for 45mins to an hour at 180. How do I fix this? blush Is sticking it back in with some tin foil over the top enough?

Oh I could weep....... Where's the wine and biscuit biscuit biscuit

987flowers Thu 19-Nov-15 22:58:23

I love this cake, in fact I have done guiness in the cupboard ready to bake it!

I would shove it in again, you've nothing to lose just keep a close eye on it, good luck! (If it over bakes maybe you could make some fancy trifle with it smile )

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