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Green Grape Jelly - has anyone got a recipe?

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Katymac Wed 18-Nov-15 07:52:39


WizardOfToss Wed 18-Nov-15 07:59:44

I have, Katy, I'll find it and post it shortly.

Made some last year, very pretty, but not the most flavourful thing in the world! No grapes at all this year - not enough sun.

Katymac Wed 18-Nov-15 08:05:33

I have half a bucket of small sour green grapes

They apparently go pink in the sun never seen it

I cut it right back this year as we moved the shed & it's in the wrong place now sad we are debating transplanting

Katymac Wed 18-Nov-15 08:08:11

Sorry - I forgot to say "Thank you" for looking out the recipe smile

WizardOfToss Wed 18-Nov-15 08:11:33

Well take heart, as they are the best for this recipe!

Small, green, unripe grapes (or unrepentant grapes, as autocorrect wanted!)

Place grapes in a pan with water just to cover and simmer about 10 minutes, until soft.

Strain the juice, and add 450g sugar to every 600ml juice. Boil rapidly until setting point is reached. Pot in clean, warm jars, cover and seal.

Katymac Thu 19-Nov-15 18:22:08

2 jars of rather lovely pink jelly that MN won't let me post a picture of

Thank you

WizardOfToss Thu 19-Nov-15 21:48:39

Brilliant! Enjoy!

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