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What can I make for dinner tomorrow night with...

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squigglehead Mon 16-Nov-15 16:44:34

Chicken breasts & bacon? I also have onions, garlic, carrots, potatoes, rice, lentils, natural yogurt, peppers... All sorts really but I usually follow recipes and don't feel comfortable making up my own! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated smile

PhoenixReisling Mon 16-Nov-15 17:34:03

Try this:

Cut the potatoes into thin slices, dice the bacon and cut the onions into thi slices also.

In a oven proof dish, layer the bacon/onions and then the Potatoes (you could even sprinkle herbs and garlic if you like).

When finished layering add chicken stock and dot with butter

Cover over with foil and cook for 45mins (200c). After this, take off the foil and bake for another 20-40 minutes until the potatoes are golden and crisp.

Serve this with roasted chicken and peas/French beans.

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