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Any recipes for xmas cake in a loaf tin?

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MrsKoala Sat 14-Nov-15 09:52:52

I want to cook about 5 xmas cakes (for gifts - i'm not a greedy pig much ) and would like to do them in loaf tins. I can't find any recipes specifically for loaf tins and am worried about cooking times etc.

Any recipes or tips greatly appreciated.

JamNan Sat 14-Nov-15 11:56:06

This blogger has an interesting recipe for cooking mini Crimble Cakes in baked bean tins .

sooperdooper Sat 14-Nov-15 11:58:11

Last year I wanted to make smaller Christmas cakes so I just made them full square size and cut them down after soaking in brandy, before I marzipaned and iced - so I didn't have to worry about the recipe, or cooking loads of batches smile

MrsKoala Sat 14-Nov-15 12:49:52

Thanks. I don't have access to my kitchen - long horrendous boring story - all i have managed to get out is 4 loaf tins. So i wanted to make them in those. I have found a suggestion on Delia online that i could divide her recipe into 4 loaf tins and cook for an hour and a quarter on a low shelf. Does that work for all 4 at the same time i wonder (as they have suggested relaying them in the one tin)? hmmm. ponders.

JamNan Sat 14-Nov-15 17:40:48

Am confused MrsK
How big are your loaf tins?
Why no kitchen?

sooperdooper's post is the perfect answer.
But why not buy a tin from a local supermarket, or a charity shop even?

MrsKoala Sat 14-Nov-15 21:01:55

The loaf tins are a sort of 'normal' loaf tin size, umm 1Lb (is that a thing?).

Yes, i agree buying a square tin is a good idea, but i was just being lazy as i have the loaf tins here.

I'm not in my house or kitchen because we arranged for 2 weeks of work to be done at the beginning of October and it has gone spectacularly shite. We wont be in for at least another week (6 weeks and counting now) <sob>.

It's ds's xmas fair in 2 weeks and i wanted to make some xmas cakes for them to sell. As well as some other bits like mincemeat. (i also want the distraction of something to do rather than listening to crying children, a barking puppy and guarding the pond of doom)

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