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What extra veggies for this dish

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TooOldforThisMalarkey Sun 08-Nov-15 13:33:51

I do a meal for DH and me which is a tray bake chicken pieces thing - chicken wings and thighs, peppers, red onions and mushrooms - which I drizzle with chilli oil and is lovely.

However, we are having friends around and I was thinking about doing it for them, but am aware that the veggie content isn't that high ??. What extra veggies would you do?

Thanks for any ideas.

wickedwaterwitch Sun 08-Nov-15 13:36:27

I think I'd do green beans, sugar snap peas, something crunchy on the side.

potap123 Sun 08-Nov-15 13:36:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TooOldforThisMalarkey Sun 08-Nov-15 13:38:59

Green beans are a great idea, thanks.

Cavolo nero, never heard of that! Off to google...

Cremo Sun 08-Nov-15 13:41:37

If you have a chargrill pan, I'd do chargrilled courgette or asparagus drizzled with good olive oil.
Or oven roasted broccoli with pine nuts and Parmesan.

TooOldforThisMalarkey Sun 08-Nov-15 13:43:16

Cremo - oven roasted broccoli sounds lovely. How do I do it?

rudolphistheboss Sun 08-Nov-15 13:50:58

Baby corn on the cob, sugar snap peas, maybe a fancy salad with pears, cheese, dressing etc (would need to google...)

Cremo Sun 08-Nov-15 14:48:58

recipe for broc smile

TooOldforThisMalarkey Sun 08-Nov-15 19:00:12

Fantastic, thanks Cremo!

So, it seems, crunchy veg. Rudolf, that salad sounds lovely too.... Yum

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