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Fill me with inspiration for tonight tea

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PhoenixReisling Wed 04-Nov-15 13:20:01

That's it really....I need inspiration. Had a few nights of very broken sleep and cannot think. I only need to cook for DD and I (who is four) and I fussy eater, as DH is very much sorted this evening.

I have the following in:

Cherry tomatoes
Half a red pepper
Micro multigrain rice
Ready made puff pastry.

Frozen veg, Quorn mince, chicken won't defrost in time

I also have some left over chilli which I plan to freeze which we have already eaten twice so far. DD, has already eaten pasta yesterday.

987flowers Wed 04-Nov-15 13:53:47

I was going to suggest macaroni cheese with bacon and tomatoes but you may not want pasta again.

A risotto type dish with the bacon and frozen veg?

Sorry not very inspirational!

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