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Christmas Dinner

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Jane222 Fri 30-Oct-15 08:01:44

My children and I all want to eat goose for Christmas this year as we have heard how tasty it is compared with turkey (if I can persuade the in-laws to try something new). Has anyone had goose before? Is it as good as is claimed? Great Clerkes Farm is my local free range supplier - has anyone dealt with them before?

cdtaylornats Fri 30-Oct-15 10:44:52

You will need a sharp fruit based sauce to cut the fat content - I like cherry.
When you prepare it cut out any white fat in the cavity - you can render this down and keep it.
Put an orange in the cavity to help keep it moist.
Save the fat for roast potatoes.

Lidl do frozen geese sometimes and they often have smaller ones.

Highlove Fri 30-Oct-15 13:25:04

We've used great clerke's farm a few times - no problems at all.

Have to disagree with pp - I've never done it with a fruit sauce. For Christmas I just make gravy. Though some homemade cranberry sauce alongside is nice.

I love it. Only downside is that you won't have as much in the way of leftovers. (Guess some might see that as a plus!)

Cookingongas Sat 31-Oct-15 08:45:48

Goose is my favourite Christmas meat. Dh likes it but prefers turkey as he prefers a less fatty meat when eating such a large meal.

Wolpertinger Sat 31-Oct-15 08:57:16

Goose is fantastic. I'd suggest you just buy it and tell ILs it's a special treat grin My mum did this one year, DF and I whinged it wasn't Christmas without turkey - one taste of goose and we never went back grin

It will be moist. You can't make it not moist. Fat pours of it throughout cooking and for months after you will be making fabulous roast potatoes. It's much easier to get right than turkey.

There aren't many leftovers - you may think this is a good thing! - and it doesn't work as well as leftovers.

Generally you can do just usual Christmas trimmings, it's good with cranberry but if you google roast goose there are loads of suggestions usually with some sort of fruit based stuffing/sauce (often apple).

It's yummy.

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