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Sugar free Christmas cake including icing- help!

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NCcreationistDad Mon 26-Oct-15 08:37:12

Also posted in christmas:

I'm making a Christmas cake, loads of dried fruit and brandy and other gorgeous things.

I'm making a marzipan to cover it.

However I need an alternative to the white sugar paste icing for the top layer. Both my cake and marzipan will be sugar (processed sucrose for the pedants) free and obviously I can't make sugar free royal icing! Any one got any suggestions for an alternative that will work?

So far my thoughts are some kind of chocolate glaze, either white or dark (cocoa butter or coconut oil, mixed with cocoa powder or coconut powder and maple syrup) but I'm not sure they'll go with the taste of all the dried fruit, especially the coconut ones.

Anyone got any other suggestions? I can think about the sugar substitute side of things if you can suggest the type of topping.

And of course I'd like it to be able to keep for 2-3 weeks so if I make it beginning of Dec it lasts until Christmas. I'm starting the cake this week and really hope that keeps without sugar- anyone got any experience of this?

NCcreationistDad Mon 26-Oct-15 08:41:13

Btw pls ignore the Creationist dad username! NC for another post. Forgot to change back. In no way related to this question!

FauxFox Mon 26-Oct-15 08:47:07

I would do dried fruit glazed with no sugar apricot jam and mini marzipan decorations - just do lines of them on top of the fruit cake the week before Xmas you could cut out marzipan stars or holly leaves or model little apples or whatever to line up with the fruit. Pecan halves, apricots, halved dates, unsalted cashews etc all work well and look festive.

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