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What to serve with a tart

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emmajk25 Thu 22-Oct-15 11:22:28

Hello, im making a caramelised onion and feta tart as a main course for a dinner party not sure what I should serve with it, any ideas? Vegetarian only please

NellyBluth Thu 22-Oct-15 11:25:58

I always serve a similar tart (mediterranean veg and goat's cheese) with roast new potatoes - keep the skin on and cook them with rosemary. And a salad on the side.

IHaveBrilloHair Thu 22-Oct-15 11:28:08

Roast Mediterranean veg and green salad with a lemony dressing

HelenF35 Thu 22-Oct-15 11:31:21

I served that to my sil who is veggie. We had beetroot roasted with balsamic, butter and thyme, roasted cherry tomatoes and asparagus.

HelenF35 Thu 22-Oct-15 11:31:41

And baby boiled potatoes

whois Thu 22-Oct-15 14:46:27

I would do two kinds of salads - one 'carby' i.e. potatoes, or grains, and one 'fresh'.

PeaceOfWildThings Thu 22-Oct-15 14:49:16

Something dairy free. Stuffed veggies of some kind, soup and wholemeal bread, or dairy free risotto all good.

emmajk25 Fri 23-Oct-15 22:05:22

Thought I had replied but I hadn't! New to this forum, thanks for all your suggestions I did roasted new potatoes with garlic and herbs

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