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10 minute suppers by poppy fraser - any good?

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Sunflower999 Wed 21-Oct-15 20:55:15

This book sounds too good to be true! The only 10 minute suppers I can think of are fishfingers or cheese on toast. I'm desperate for meals that my little one will eat, and are quick to make. Would love to hear from anyone who has the book before I buy yet another cook book that gathers dust on the shelf.... thanks x

alpal298 Fri 23-Oct-15 21:18:42

Yes, I have it. It's fab, did the tuna pasta from it and actually made myself a couple of things. It's good how it's yum for grown ups too and not just children....

pearlw Sat 24-Oct-15 11:58:37

I was a bit dubious initally. But I was won over as soon as it arrived - there's loads of very quick, simple recipes and it's a great way of getting my kids to eat healthily without having to force them to eat mountains of fruit and veg. They just gobble everything up and ask for more. Added bonus - the recipes work just as well for my husband - I've passed this book on to loads of my friends (both with and without kids) and they're really happy to have a copy.

Sunflower999 Sat 24-Oct-15 20:22:21

Thank you, think i'll order it then. Especially after tonight's disastrous dinner. I made kedgeree from the Ella's kitchen book and lovely boy ate NOTHING. Will give this one a go.

justkeeponsmiling Sun 25-Oct-15 04:30:17

Could somebody give some examples of her recipes/name a few dishes from the book please? It sounded really interesting so I googled it but there are only three examples of her recipes online.
Also, the second of the three I looked at had Sanphire (?sp) in it, which made me a bit confused - I don't think my local Aldis stocks it grin

Sunflower999 Sun 25-Oct-15 20:54:10

ha ha can't see my lovely boy eating samphire, or anything else green for that matter! Some examples of recipes would be very helpful, I couldn't find anything on amazon.

TwinsPlusAnotherTwo Tue 03-Nov-15 22:05:08

After reading fab reviews, I was convinced this book would revolutionise my life, and ordered it.

I'm still dubious. It seems full of half-dishes that need accompanied, things that seem to take longer (haddock croquettes?) or ingredients my kids wouldn't eat!

I don't want to write it off yet - would love to hear what others have cooked from it and had success with.

pearlw Wed 04-Nov-15 22:48:09

My kids particularly love the tuna bolognese, the mint and lamb meatballs, the chicken curry - not to mention the raw banana flapjacks and the healthy fizzy drinks are a great pick me up after school. I really have to disagree about the book having ingredients my kids wouldn't eat - my second child is notoriously fussy and this book is full of clever recipes that make healthy eating delicious, rather than worthy. Supper time is no longer laced with tantrums. It's not a book for fussy eaters, as the author herself says, but for foodies who want quick, super delicious, super unprocessed healthy food.

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