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Herb scissors. Are they worth it?

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BabySnoring Wed 21-Oct-15 10:43:17

I cook lots of curries and chop lots of coriander and was looking at herb scissors to make the job quicker.

Are they any good or will it end up in the useless gadget cupboard.


mjwb99 Wed 21-Oct-15 11:06:45

I cook a lot and personally think it's better to chop them just with a knife on a chopping board, check youtube out there are tons of useful tutorials on how to speed up chopping without taking your fingers off.

If you don't fancy that you can always stick them in a food processor if you have one with a specific cutting tools.

Boredofthinkingofnewnames Wed 21-Oct-15 11:22:09

Never heard of them but surely a knife is pretty quick?

BabySnoring Wed 21-Oct-15 12:08:00

My Mum has a knack of cutting the coriander straight into the pot. She can chop really finely too without cutting her fingers off! I wanted something that I could use to chop straight into the pot

MsRinky Wed 21-Oct-15 22:41:00

The ones I got as a present were completely useless, and just produced a mashed clump. Rubbish.

whatdoIget Wed 21-Oct-15 22:47:25

I usually put them in a tea cup and chop with normal kitchen scissors. That's fairly quick and easy. I find chopping on a board quite difficult. If they're in a cup they're trapped and can't get away from the scissors.

whois Thu 22-Oct-15 14:47:30

Sharp knife and a shopping board works for me. Or food processor if doing loads.

Can't really see how the herb scissors work better than that.

MaxPepsi Thu 22-Oct-15 15:04:24

I use the chiffonade method to chop things like herbs

However if I have loads to do I use a hachior (sp) that we got as a wedding gift.

Normal scissors are used if I'm chopping chives tho.

MyHouseToday Mon 26-Oct-15 05:29:50

The ones i was given as a present ended up at the charity shop fairly quickly... I do tend to use nice sharp kitchen scissors for herbs though, hold them closely bunched and trim off thin 'slices'

StUmbrageinSkelt Mon 26-Oct-15 05:33:48

Useless and went to the op shop v quickly.

Ordinary sharp kitchen scissors or a sharp knife and board is my preference.

JulesJules Mon 26-Oct-15 06:15:24

What everyone else said. I got some herb scissors from Clas Olsen and they were rubbish - the herbs just clump in the groves between the blades.

I use either ordinary sharp kitchen scissors for small amounts, or a big knife or mezzaluna for large amounts.

JulesJules Mon 26-Oct-15 06:16:10

grooves, baby, grooves

WhoTheFuckIsSimon Mon 26-Oct-15 06:36:38

You'd be better with something like this.

BabySnoring Mon 26-Oct-15 17:34:41

Thanks everyone. I think il stick to my normal kitchen scissors. smile

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