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Just got slow cooker- recipes please!

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Sugarandsalt Fri 16-Oct-15 18:19:01

Got a big 6.5l slow cooker last week- so far made a disappointing beef stew (probably due to my adding too much liquid), and an excellent chilli con carne. Looking for recipes for 2 adults and a fussy toddler, preferably freezer friendly!

FinallyHere Fri 16-Oct-15 18:37:49

Shin of beef: probably justifies the slow cooker on its own. A beef shin, a few onions, a carrot and a stick of celery. Some advise browning it all over but i just chuck it in the slow cooker. Leave on auto for a good long time, say eight hours. Enjoy beef as succulent as you will ever find. Ince the meat is all used up, use any left over stock for onion soup. Brilliant.

TheCatsWhiskers Fri 16-Oct-15 18:42:46

FinallyHere, do you put any stock or anything liquid in it? I bought a slow cooker with great hopes, so far all results have been rubbish. Some inedible blush

FellOutOfBedTwice Fri 16-Oct-15 18:52:42

Place marking!

Sugarandsalt Fri 16-Oct-15 19:13:01

Finally that sounds delicious. I have high hopes of making most weekday meals with it!

FinallyHere Fri 16-Oct-15 19:13:29

Oh, sorry, yes, of course, a splash or more of wine topped up with hot water boiled in the kettle. I do it so often i cant tell you precisely. Try googling beef shin slow cooker.

My favourite round up of ideas comes from here

I prefer to not use flour, or pre-fry anything to brown. If i wanted it thicker, Id liquidise a cup of the veg and add it back to the pot. Hope you work out a way pu like, its really delicious and shin is more reasonable than many cuts of beef.

Coletterbox Sat 17-Oct-15 13:07:44

This is a lovely recipe for slow cooked lamb shanks:

jessplussomeonenew Sat 17-Oct-15 13:29:26

The book Slow Cooked by Miss South has some great recipes including lots of non-stew meals and desserts. Looking forward to trying butterbeans with chorizo and sticky toffee pudding next.

dreamingofsun Sat 17-Oct-15 19:02:40

i use the standard recipes and instead of adding stock just add the stock pot - no water. it looks very dry but works out fine. marking place as getting a bit bored with current recipes and could do with some new ones please

Wolfiefan Sat 17-Oct-15 19:05:20

Look on We like the riko's brisket and the pork carnitas (pulled pork)
Other people have said Pinterest is good and yummily(?)
Sausage casserole
Roast Lamb

StoorieHoose Sat 17-Oct-15 19:07:45

Gammon joint and enough cola to cover the joint, cook on low for 8 hours drain away the cola and shred the gammon. Lovely hot or cold

Doesn't work with diet cola though

ByTheSea Sat 17-Oct-15 19:18:31

Last week I put in a brisket, unrolled, with a beef stockpot and about a cup of mixed water and red wine, sprinkled in some garlic granules, onion powder, salt and pepper and went to work. Left in cooking on low all day, probably 12 hours. It was lovely! Had some jacket potatoes and broccoli with. Added a little boiling water to the bottom of the crockpot and deglazed a bit for a delicious rich gravy.

Frequentblooper Sat 17-Oct-15 20:15:51

I'm going to try a sweet potato chicken and maple soup recipe I've just seen on Facebook "hero tip" post I think it was American they call it a crockpot don't know.
It's 2 large boneless skinless chicken breast salt and pepper about 3 tablespoons of maple syrup drizzled over the chicken three medium sweet potatoes peeled and a few carrots small onion salt pepper over the top.

Last week I made chicken and dumplings American style "Cracker Barrel" as when we was in Florida my kids love this restaurant. I looked up a recipe on Pinterest but basically it's more of a creamy white stock than a tomato base stock (like our uk chicken casserole) and the dumplings are made flat and I find this works much better. I'm so chuffed as it's the first casserole style dish that my children have liked ! I'll be reading anyone else's recipes and ideas with interest grin

Frequentblooper Sat 17-Oct-15 20:17:44

*syrup not soup

Sugarandsalt Sun 18-Oct-15 12:06:08

I never thought of Pinterest for recipes. Must take a look. I love ham in cola, never thought of using slow cooker for it, excellent idea. I've been pinned to a feverish toddler all weekend so haven't yet made it to the shops (and have been eating countless cheese sandwiches) so am looking forward to trying these out!

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