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home made chilli

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fairydust Thu 13-May-04 15:10:59

Can i freeze homemade chilli???? if so for how long??

Angeliz Thu 13-May-04 15:12:08

I do it all the time, don't know how long for though!

bootsmonkey Thu 13-May-04 15:13:26

Absolutely - long as you want if for your own consumption. I have never followed frozen guidelines for myself and am still here to tell the tale Make sure properly reheated once thawed tho.

Kayleigh Thu 13-May-04 15:26:04

I freeze my own chilli and bolognaise sauces. Never follow freezer guidelines for anything but have never poisoned anyone yet

<whispers> have also been known to defrost it in the microwave. Shhhhhhh.

oliveoil Thu 13-May-04 15:27:49

I freeze homemade chilli. Just defrost it at room temp and then reheat it well. Don't have microwave but if I did, I would use that to defrost/reheat. Usually only freeze meat things for about a month though.

CountessDracula Thu 13-May-04 15:31:55

Oh yes and I always defrost in the microwave. Am not dead yet

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