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Another veggie party one.

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trollkonor Wed 30-Sep-15 08:00:53

The event will be for 80, including children of many ages, with a main course of hog roast.

So far 3 out of 4 of the canapés are veggie. Plus all the salads, pasta salad and potato salad are veggie.

I don't think there are any vegetarians, I've asked the person who the event is for and they don't know of any vegetarians. In case there are any vegetarians I planned to get in some nice bean burgers and get a message out earlier on to ask if anyone would prefer a bean burger to let me know. There could be none-veggies who would prefer one.

It will be in a rented hall with a kitchen and whilst I dont want to be spending all my time cooking. I am happy to batch cook some bean burgers. So far I think it will just be me esting one. Everything else is pre cooked, except hog roast which will be done by the butchers.

Does this sound fine? My thinking is that it requires little extra planning or cooking. Anyone wanting a bean burger can use the same rolls, sauces etc I personally love bean burgers and more than happy with a hot burger roll, dripping with cheese and sauce. I am disappointed when I go to events and everyone is having a filling, hot meal and I'm given bbqs veggies on a stick, cold quiche, fecking goats cheese tart etc

I've spoken to a few people and they're surprised I will be offering JUST a bean burger and should be making a lovely nut salad or something. None of these people are vegetarian and of an older generation.

Pomegranatemolasses Wed 30-Sep-15 16:04:24

Sounds perfect to me. The meat eaters are being offered one option, so there 's parity there. Bean burgers are yum!

PurpleDaisies Wed 30-Sep-15 16:07:20

I love bean burgers and veggie food (I'm not a vegetarian!). Your menu sounds lovely.

Enjoy the party.

JamNan Wed 30-Sep-15 19:44:33

That sounds like a very good balance to me. I love bean burgers too and I'm not even veggie.
I would avoid nuts though. Yum and enjoy.

Onykahonie Wed 30-Sep-15 20:57:46

Sounds great to me...have been left with salad and a bread roll at other hog roasts. If there are any genuine veggies attending, maybe put the bean burgers and salads well away from the poor piggy?

ShoutyMom Thu 01-Oct-15 16:56:46

Just a suggestion - pre cook the bean burgers and wrap them in foil. Anytime anyone wants one, they can be warmed up on the same grill as the non-veg items.

FeelingSmurfy Thu 01-Oct-15 17:09:03

I'm veggie and would just be happy you had thought of me! Bean burger sounds good to me and its not totally obvious you are eating something different so not standing out as odd

Sounds fine. I am greedy though, and might want two burgers!

ISaySteadyOn Thu 01-Oct-15 18:07:28

I'm veggie and that sounds lovely. I would feel very included with what you've listed so you're fine.

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