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Notabeararaccoon Mon 28-Sep-15 22:03:05

Errm. Pan fried fish (sea bass if it makes a difference) in a non-stick pan with a bit of spray oil. Have cooked same fish, same way, many times, but tonight, whilst lightly pressing down at end of cooking (skin side down if it makes a difference) there was a huge bang, the pan half jumped off the hob, I more than half nearly jumped out the window, and although the fish was fine, the pan is actually buckled and dented! It's not a particularly cheap pan, a goodish quality Lakeland one used loads before, hob isn't new (gas hob). Any ideas what might have happened? I have fear of the kitchen!

cdtaylornats Tue 29-Sep-15 08:29:23

It may be a flaw in the pan, the only way to find out is to send it back to Lakeland.

Or its a poltergeist??

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