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One pot veggie - ish meals for kids?

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NotWorkingOut Sat 12-Sep-15 10:57:51

Does anyone have any ideas? I'm veggie and eat limited dairy, DCs are good at eating their veg, but aren't massively keen on the things I've been making. Think lots of squash, bulgar wheat and quinoa.

I'd really like to cut down the amount I'm cooking, atm I seem to be making something for me and then throwing them in things like nuggets and chips or pizza. They'd happily eat pasta for every meal if I let them. I just want a bit more variety!

I'd be so grateful of any ideas!

Coletterbox Sat 12-Sep-15 11:21:36

I do some veggie tarts that are good - my little boy likes them - especially after I told him they were like pizza!

Enkopkaffetak Sat 12-Sep-15 12:21:23

I know this is a chicken recipe However I make it regular and for veggie dd2 I simply omit the chicken and add a bit extra chick peas so worth a try?

Onykahonie Sat 12-Sep-15 12:25:53

How about chilli (with rice, wraps or tortilla bowls), curry, sausage casserole, home made soup and crusty bread, tagine etc?

NotWorkingOut Sat 12-Sep-15 22:23:28

Great ideas thank you! Will give some of them a go. I'd not thought to do a sausage casserole, they do love sausages. I love little veggie tarts too, I've got some pastry in the freezer I keep forgetting I've got.

KitKat1985 Sun 13-Sep-15 13:01:41

Veggie fajitas? Just stir fry some quorn pieces (or beans) in with various chopped veg like peppers, onions and mushrooms. Throw in a bit of seasoning and then serve with wraps. Add toppings like guacamole and grated cheese as well if you like.

bunique Sun 13-Sep-15 13:08:34

Leek risotto done in the oven served with garlic bread -

Sausage casserole (Linda McCartney) done in slow cooker -

Sweet potato and spinach Dahl (I add chickpeas too) with rice - Makes loads!

And I do a lentil bolognese based on a net mums recipe that makes a bucketload that goes in the freezer.

Those are our weekly staples plus fajitas (DD has different filling as she doesn't like the usual stuff), pasta, jacket potatoes and usually a puff pasty pizza/tart thing like the above. Not very exciting but keeps us all fed and relatively healthy!

bunique Sun 13-Sep-15 13:09:48

Obvs substitute/leave out all the meat wink

bunique Sun 13-Sep-15 13:12:21

Oh and we have ratatouille with couscous and chickpeas - easy enough just need time to oven cook the veg

MrsBosh Sun 13-Sep-15 13:32:19

Home made pizza? You could buy the bases, although the dough is simple to make yourself.

lastqueenofscotland Sun 13-Sep-15 23:55:09

Gnocci always goes down well Imo!

ZeldaTheWindBreaker Mon 14-Sep-15 00:14:52

We love this:

AlohaMama Thu 17-Sep-15 14:26:05

Made somerset stew from bbc good food the other night which both kids ate which I was quite suprised about as we usually eat meat. Would have been nice with dumplings.

NotWorkingOut Sat 19-Sep-15 16:45:21

Thanks everyone! I've just made a few suggestions to the kids and some have gone down well. Apparently though, chickpeas are ok as long as they're not in a stew hmm we're having puff pastry tarts tonight, really looking forward to it!

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