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A glut of green plums...

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CustardLover Sat 22-Aug-15 14:19:57

I have one. Got two plum trees absolutely laden with them. I'm scared of jam/chutney since I read a short story in which the protagonist (accidentally) killed her mother with some jam which wasn't made/ kept properly sterile. So, cakes? Crumbles? Any suggestions/recipes are very welcome! Thx

CustardLover Sat 22-Aug-15 19:03:01

Just a gentle bump.

Onykahonie Sun 23-Aug-15 10:58:20

I was going to say jam or chutney (currently cooking a batch of windfall apple chutney!).
How about you wash and stone them and stew them all up with sugar to taste, then freeze in batches - in freezer bags as they take up less room. Then you can defrost a batch at a time to make pies, crumbles etc throughout the autumn/winter?

JamNan Sun 23-Aug-15 11:33:09

Plum brandy?

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