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Something cheap that I can wrap up to keep warm for the beach!

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Titsalinabumsquash Mon 17-Aug-15 16:47:30

My boys have requested an evening at the beach which is fine by me because we're skint until next week.
So I need something I can cook and will be portable for about an hours drive (picking up DP on the way!) that will keep warm wrapped in foil in the picnic bag so we can all eat and keep warm when we get there.
I thought about hot dogs or hot wraps or similar but other ideas are very welcome.
No one is fussy here so fire away. smile

FauxFox Mon 17-Aug-15 16:52:01

Baked potatoes stay hot for ages, I was going to say hotdogs as that's what i've done in the past...have a lovely time (and don't forget the ketchup!)

Titsalinabumsquash Mon 17-Aug-15 16:53:08

Did you assemble them first or take hot sausages and buns (and ketchup!) smile

Scootergrrrl Mon 17-Aug-15 16:55:54

You could take hot dog sausages in a vacuum flask and assemble them when you get there so they stay really hot.

horseygeorgie Mon 17-Aug-15 16:57:36

cornish pasties. I like beef, carrot and butternut squash ones with rosemary pastry.

thornrose Mon 17-Aug-15 16:58:04

Could you get a disposable BBQ or are you not keen on cooking at the beach?

Titsalinabumsquash Mon 17-Aug-15 18:24:26

I have a couple of disposable bbqs but I think they'll take too long to cook, I have a 2 yr old that has the patience of a two year old grin

The pasties sound lovely ��

FauxFox Mon 17-Aug-15 18:26:42

I cooked the hotdogs and wrapped them up in foil and put them in an insulated lunchbag thingy and took the rolls (sliced) and the ketchup separately grin

BikeRunSki Mon 17-Aug-15 18:28:18

Yy to Cornish pasties.

horseygeorgie Mon 17-Aug-15 20:53:07

can't beat a good pasty on the beach!

charlieandlola Mon 17-Aug-15 20:55:29

You have to have Heinz tomato soup and hot sausage rolls on the beach !

Thermos for the soup , foil and insulated bag for the rolls

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