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Assuming no food intolerances and older children what would a healthy weeks worth of meals look like?

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NewsreaderChic Sun 16-Aug-15 19:48:21

Ive been going for an easy life and just making things that I know everyone will eat, but am fed up of a limited menu and I know we're not always being healthy.

I don't enjoy cooking or meal planning and I just can't ever think what to do so fall back onto the same old dishes ie. Spag Bol, carbonara, shepherds pie etc. What sort of meals would you say would appear in a weeks menu that are healthy and don't involve you having to be Nigella or Jamie to knock up? We are all starting to put on a bit of weight and whilst I'm not going to say anything to my teens about it I would like to improve the quality of what we're eating.

Higheredserf Sun 16-Aug-15 20:05:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

siblingrevelryagain Mon 17-Aug-15 07:12:37

Shepherds pie/chilli con carne (mild)/risotto/pasta & pesto or sauce/chicken dinner/chicken noodle soup/mild chicken curry/fish cakes/quesadillas/veg soup/cheesy veg chowder/chicken or beef stew/chicken casserole/toad in the hole

Some of these don't sound 'healthy' as such (toad in the hole?), but they're a good way of getting veg served as we do broccoli/peas/carrots to accompany. Similarly, with pasta sauce or pesto, we bung peas & sweetcorn in with the pasta whilst it's cooking, which makes it a bit healthier.

addictedtosugar Mon 17-Aug-15 07:42:01

Wraps go down well. Stuff with lettuce, tomato, and put pepper, onion and sweet corn in the meat filling.
Steamed salmon/chicken drumsticks/sausages with potato and veg.

bberry Mon 17-Aug-15 07:51:27

Build in some baked fish (wrap in foil, add butter/herbs/lemon juice etc, 20/30 mins in oven) boiled pots and veg....
Salad/ crudeties for starters... (Sorry for spelling!)
bacon wrapped Chicken breasts 20 mins in oven with 1/2 jacket & veg/salad?

Homemade soup with crusty baked bread


FlamingoPleated Mon 17-Aug-15 17:49:06

Try socca, am always banging on about it. I serve to the DC all the time and SO easy.

I don't think the meals you've listed are unhealthy apart from
Carbonara presuming they contain lots of veg and have lots of veg on the side.

Tbh we eat a fair amount of fat eg I've no qualms about us eating cheese and butter etc just not in excessive amounts. my idea of healthy is avoiding all sugar and processed food (par the occasional sausage or jus roll pastry and bread) and starch for starch's sake. I'd call our meals balanced, people generally use the word healthy to mean super virtuous and I know our meals aren't that.

Other meals I make a lot
Cauliflower soup, watercress soup
Macaroni cheese filled with spinach broccoli and sweet potato
Falafel with lots of salady veg and hummus
Pork and courgette meatballs in tomato sauce with rice and slaw (bloody love slaw)
Omelettes with spinach and tomatoes
Spinach pancakes with like butter
Slow cooked pork shoulder in a paprikay type sauce with peppers, carrots, celery and cannellini beans.
Mushroom risotto served with lots of garlicky greens
Veg and lentil lasagne
Chicken and veg tray bakes
Pies filled with veg and small amount of meat, topped with mash or thinly sliced potato rather than pastry.
Quite a lot of fish in various forms. Plaice fillets with roasted tomatoes, quinoa and greens, fish cakes etc.
Noodle salad with Thai dressing and various spiralised veg
Shed loads of kale.

NewsreaderChic Tue 18-Aug-15 01:33:05

Thank you everyone. I wasn't having a good day when I posted this and you've all help either reminding me of dishes, suggesting new ones or helping me to realise the good aspects of what I do cook.

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