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Dairy free

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Jennisaurus Sun 09-May-04 23:29:59

I really really dislike dairy products, we drink soya or rice milk and eat soy yogurt. I still buy normal cheese sometimes, but try to buy mainly soya stuff.

I am hoping to remove all dairy products from our diet (as a family) soon. DD who is 6mths is going to gradually be switched to soya forumla, then we will wean her onto soya or rice milk when she is older.

Has anyone tried this? Does anyone live dairy-free? I am not opposed to eating dairy outside the home if it can't be avoided, I just don't want it in my house.

My dh doesn't care either way...but I am worried this will be bad for us or my DD will hate us in future for denying it her.


toddlerbob Mon 10-May-04 00:54:37

I have just finished 7 months of having to live like this as ds was milk allergic and I am breastfeeding. He is now okay to eat dairy and loves it. I can't imagine doing it if you don't have to, it's a lot of extra work reading all those labels.

Soya formula contains a lot of sugar - I would be more worried about that personally (or the link with nut allergy or the hormone thing - I must worry a lot). I would need some fairly big convincing to give formula anyway so maybe I'm not the right person to give an opinion on this topic. Could you just not buy any dairy products except milk formula and then go straight to an enriched soy or rice milk when she is older?

Whatever you decide I don't think she'll hate you, especially if she can have the occasional icecream when out and about.

robinw Mon 10-May-04 07:12:32

message withdrawn

Beetroot Mon 10-May-04 07:27:47

Message withdrawn

Jennisaurus Mon 10-May-04 15:50:04

Really good points, I didn't know about the rice milk and babies RobinW

I am not worried about the calcium, as the soya milk is usually calcium enriched and I have been predominately dairy free for a few years now and my last medical was fine. I usually only buy cows milk if we have guests or for DH if he wants it.

I might see if I can find some more info or a book before I switch over. Hmmm.

I considered goatsmilk beetroot, but ideally i want to elimate all dairy products from animals.

skerriesmum Mon 10-May-04 20:05:44

I think it would be quite difficult to raise a child vegan... Proportionally kids don't eat very much, so what they do eat needs to be calorie and nutrient-rich so they have enough energy. You need to eat a lot of beans to get the same protein, calcium etc. as in one ounce of cheese! I echo Nigella Lawson's views in How to Eat, there is an excellent chapter on feeding small children. I think you should give dairy foods at least until she's two, offering other options as well, then gradually phase it out.

Beetroot Mon 10-May-04 21:32:38

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Beetroot Mon 10-May-04 21:34:22

Message withdrawn

Jennisaurus Mon 10-May-04 21:47:13

Thanks beetroot that list of foods is very helpful. Might try DD with tofu at some point.

We aren't vegan (i wish!) just strongly dislike dairy and find that when we go without we feel healthier.

Beetroot Mon 10-May-04 21:52:11

Message withdrawn

gloworm Tue 11-May-04 11:51:06

great list beetroot, also high in calcium are sesame seeds (and tahini) and dried figs.

my dd is 6mths and loves "porridge" made with water, rice flakes and dried figs. (make sure the figs dont have any artifical presative coating them, not great for baby!)

haven't heard of soya formula/high sugar before but if its true how about Nanny goat formula until she is 1yr and then switching to soya/rice milk?

skerriesmum Tue 11-May-04 11:55:04

Interesting list but how many toddlers are going to go for a big dish of agar agar?! And what if s/he has nut allergies?

skerriesmum Tue 11-May-04 11:57:47

By the way I'm not anti-vegan, we eat lots of tofu and my toddler loves it.

Soapbox Tue 11-May-04 12:00:39

Some more ideas - I posted this recently on another thread!

Any stalky vegetables - e.g. brocolli, cauliflower. Baked beans, white bread, fortified breakfast cereals (look on the packet). Cashew nuts (but not for baby). Sesame seeds and tahini paste (can make humous with canned chick peas, tahini and lemon juice).

If you ask your health visitor she should be able to get you a calcium foods sheet from the dietician.

My children are both dairy allergic and so have had to rely on other calcium containing foods (although I now give them a calcium supplement). They are both extremely tall, healthy children!

Jennisaurus Tue 11-May-04 16:57:48

Skerriesmum it is perfectly possible to not eat dairy and not miss out or suffer. I think if she never has dairy she won't miss out, but we are still considering it.

I personally stopped eating lots of dairy about 3 years ago and have never felt better.

Beetroot Tue 11-May-04 17:03:15

Message withdrawn

Jennisaurus Tue 11-May-04 17:29:39

I have a lot more energy which I didn't expect, I don't get coughs as much anymore, and far far less tummy problems. I used to feel bloated or get diahorrea sometimes, now rarely.
Soya and rice milk (vanilla rice milk is gorgeous) are less fatty and mucousy, and I think they taste nicer as well myself. It may also be down to the fact that non-dairy products tend to be organic...
I still buy normal low-fat cheese sometimes, and at work and out I eat dairy if i can't avoid it.

I also maintain my skin cleared up, but I reduced dairy when I was 20 so it may have coincided with me stopping being a teenager iykwim? I get a lot of compliments on my very clear peachy complexion!

This is bad because my husband works for a supermarket but I actually prefer to shop locally. I buy lots of fruit, veg and meat on the street 5 mins from my house.
Do you have a local health food shop (not Holland and Barretts) because if you get to know them they can be wonderful. Fresh organic bread every morning! And if you look around the shop you can find some real treasures. Non-dairy can be higher in sugar so I try and watch that myself.

How have you found 4 weeks without dairy? I would love to be vegan but its just not practical for our budget or my cooking skills

skerriesmum Wed 12-May-04 20:32:53

I didn't say it was impossible, just difficult to combine foods to get enough calories, nutrients etc. and also with flavours toddlers actually like! I wish ds would eat lentils as they are excellent protein, but no way...! Please do share any non-dairy recipes!

robinw Sat 15-May-04 06:17:41

message withdrawn

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