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Will my mince survive the night?

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VeryEarlyDays Wed 12-Aug-15 20:34:26

I've made the filling of a steak and ale pie in my slow cooker. sadly the morning sickness has just kicked in and smell is making me gag. the pies are for the freezer anyway. can I leave the meat in the slow cooker over night and reheat tomorrow if I bring to the boil? or would it be best to get Dp to put it in the fridge....

QuizteamBleakley Wed 12-Aug-15 21:44:48

By the time it's cooled it'll be morning. I often do this but put a layer of kitchen roll between the pot and lid; takes excess moisture out.

chumbler Thu 13-Aug-15 05:57:55

I wouldn't risk eating it whilst pg unless it has been cooled, then put in fridge, reheated to piping hot. sorry!

QuizteamBleakley Thu 13-Aug-15 11:48:25

RTFT me! Sorry, Chumbler is right - NO risks whilst pg. I hadn't properly read it.

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